My PPC Web Spy Case Study

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It’s free, it’s made by Brad Callen, it’s free, it allows you to legally steal your competitors keywords, it’s free, the upsell is interesting, it’s free and…it’s free, so what’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one really. It’s actually a very cool free tool that can be very powerful – as I’m about to demonstrate, the only questionable thing would be the morality of stealing/spying on your competitors keywords.

I’ll leave you to make your own minds up about the moral aspects of it, but I find it very useful. So here’s a quick case study I’ve done using PPC Web Spy and everyones favourite boring, generic niche – WEIGHT LOSS! 🙂

So the first thing to do (After you’ve installed PPC Web Spy of course) is to do a search on Google for the niche you are working in. In my example I’ll search for “Weight Loss”.

Weight loss keywords

You’ll then see that we get a lot of “Sponsored Ad’s” and under each of these ads is a green “View Keywords” button. If you click on this button it allows you to view a list of all keywords the website is bidding on, how much it is costing them and how many clicks they can expect to receive on a daily basis.

Here are the results I get for the #1 “Weight Loss” ad on Google.

PPC Web Spy

You can see that the site is bidding on loads of different keywords, so from that you can take a closer look at each of the keywords and see which would relate to your site. You can also find even more keywords by searching for one of the keywords brought back by PPC Web Spy.

I’ll show you an example.

One of the keywords the site was bidding on is “Tonalin”; now I have no idea what this is, apologies if it’s something rude, but it’s a good example to use.

So all I’ll do is go back to Google and search for “Tonalin”.

PPC Spy Tonalin Results

You can see there are a lot of sponsored ads, and we can then view the keywords using PPC Web Spy.

This time I’ll check out the 2nd site, and as you can see from the screen shot below, it brings back even more keywords for me to look through. I’m in weight loss keyword heaven – if only I had a weight loss product I’d be rich! 🙂

Pay Pay Click Web Spy Results

So that’s a very quick example of how the free PPC Web Spy tool could help you. I’ve used the weight loss niche but you’d obviously use it on whatever niche you worked in. You could also use it to research any new potential niches by looking at the estimated clicks and the daily costs.

There is also a VERY interesting upgrade available that again, may be slightly immoral for some of you so I’ll leave you to make your own minds up about it!

So now you know how it works, click here to download PPC Web Spy for FREE!