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Hello everyone.

Welcome to another newsletter/article type thing! It’s been a while since I wrote and for that I apologize, it’s been a very hectic couple of weeks what with one thing and another but I’m back on track and that means I can write another newsletter.

To be honest I was struggling to come up with a subject, that was until a friend of mine, Randy Smith, sent me an message asking me if I could fix his broken affiliate page. Randy was using a script that generated affiliate links for his clickbank affiliates, they entered their username, clicked on submit and then it showed them custom links with thier affiliate name included….

Well, that’s what it was supposed to do. To put it blunty, the script was rubbish – it’s just didn’t work!

So instead of playing around with someone elses code I decicded to make my own for Randy. It’s dead easy to do and only takes a few minutes. I had Randy up and running in no time, then he told me I should distribute it, so here I am!

Before I show you how to use it and give you a download link, take a look at what it does:

It’s dead simple, the script takes the affiliate ID from the from, then repeats the ID in the links to personalize them. The demo above is just a quick example using one of my own products – please don’t use the links generated in the demo to promote the Boomerang List Builder as the product isn’t sold via clickbank so you won’t get a commission! (The affiliate program will be coming soon, stay tuned!)

I’ve made the page very plain so that they can easily be integrated with your existing website. The script is free to download, all I ask is that you leave the footer link back to this page intact! You can change the text, or the table colours of the footer link but please do leave the text as it is.

Click Here To Download The Script >>

How To Use It!

After you have downloaded you will see 2 files, affiliates.html and affiliates.php

Both files can be fully customized in your favourite editor. (Dreamweaver, Frontpage etc.)

The HTML file contains a web form that collects the UserID and the PHP page displays the dynamic links.

All you need to do is run your favourite find/replace software, or if you want to do it manually you can. And replace:



Your own clickbank ID. – Or in other words, the ID of the product you are selling.

When done, upload both files to your server and direct your customer to the HTML file – done!

That’s it, your script will now work. If you want to add any more affiliate resources to the PHP page, simply use mine as a starting point and add the following PHP code wherever you want the users clickbank ID to be displayed:

<?php echo $_GET[“clickbankID”]; ?>

So a standard link on the PHP page would look like this:

I think that just about covers everything, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. It’s probably best to post your question as a comment, then when I answer it’s visible to other users as well.


How To Spy On Your Website Visitors

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How To Spy On Your Website Visitors

Greetings everyone to another newsletter. Apologies for taking so long to write a newsletter, but I’ve been run off my feet putting the finishing touches to my Boomerang List Builder launch. (Coming this Thursday – September 13th at 5pm UK time, 12 noon EST!)

In this article I will show you how to track your website visitors and improve your sales.

To begin with let me just say that I am not too keen on the word “Spy” in the title of this article, but I couldn’t really think of another word to describe it!

A couple of weeks ago I came across a free website that allows you to track all of your website visitors, by “track” I don’t mean the usual “link tracking” techniques or page views that you can get by using Google analytics, this site let’s you view videos of where your website visitors are going.

It shows you mouse gestures, clicks and much more. Whilst there is no definite correlation to the mouse movements and where the person is looking on the page, it does give you quite a good idea of what parts of the page your visitors are looking at and how they are able to navigate through your website.

You can also use this to increase sales.

I have implemented it in one of my websites and it helps me to track the checkout process (without me seeing any personal information of course!). Using the video playback I can see how many customers are going through with the sale, and how many are exiting during the checkout process.

I have only been going for a couple of weeks but already I have started to see some trends, it has allowed me to tweak my checkout process and increase my sales conversions.

As I said, it’s 100% free, and the link below isn’t even an affiliate link – I must be losing my touch 😉

It’s dead simple to implement into your pages, just place a small snippet of javascript code into the <head> section of your HTML code and the site will start tracking your visitors within a few minutes.

Whilst it’s very helpful to someone like me, I would be very interested to hear what you all think. Even though no personal data is recorded do you think would be a privacy concern for the people that visited the website, if they knew about it would they think twice before visiting?

I’d be interested to hear your opinions, feel free to leave a comment.

Now I’d better get back to putting my launch together!


P.S. This is totally un-related to internet marketing but “Pandora” is now 100% free! If you haven’t come across it before, Pandora is an online radio station that plays only music that you like, type in a song or artist that you like and Pandora will create a custom play list for you 🙂