Bye Bye Haley

Haley has vanished *unhappy face emoticon*

Shortly after the poop hit the fan, Haley decided she’d sold enough copies of Stripped Down Profits, and she pulled it from the market.

Quite upsetting really, think of all those poor souls who will miss out on that amazing 1 click software that will make them up to $237,729 per month, they are the people I feel sorry for, they are going to have to resort to, god forbid, doing some work.

I wonder if Haley really did decide to pull the product off the market because she sold out, or if there was some other reason. Normally someones word would be enough, but after getting my heart broken by Haley Milano I’m still not sure of her.

So I’ll bring up the sales page from the cache and try to order via the order link, which I just happen to have here:,1


She broke my heart for a 2nd time, when will I ever learn:


This product is no longer for sale or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation This product is no longer for sale or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation”

Maybe Clickbank actually got a conscience and realized that selling a product using nothing but lies might be, I don’t know, a little bit illegal?

Or maybe Haley got Clickbank to close the account on her behalf.

Make your own minds up.

And before I move on from Miss Milano, here is something to remember her by.

Was The Sales Page Really That Bad?

Yes, it was.

If any of you are glutens for punishment, you can view a full copy of the controversial sales page by clicking on the image below.

Love Always,
Dan “Still on the Market” Thompson

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8 Responses to “Bye Bye Haley”
  1. Gary Simpson says:


    Ha ha! Now WHO is the “detective?” Great work in finding out that Clickbank shut down that sucker.

    I just did a more general post on my blog about… well, you can see what it is about from the title:

    But as a glaring example of what I’m talking about guess which “product” (and I use the term very loosely) I chose?

    I’d say that all those who perpetrated this bag of lies and deceit now have egg all over their face. Let this serve as a warning to them that enough is enough. But I won’t be surprised to see it reappear in new “clothes.”

    Like I said on the Warrior Forum… Haley may soon be performing “Hail Marys” at a nunnery – still earning MILLIONS but only out of habit (joke).

    Gary Simpson

  2. Hey Dan,

    Great post and great find – about time clickbank finally acted against products like this. I am sure she has broke many peoples hearts and wallets in her short and illustrious career online.

    I also wrote a brief post about this shocking scam/product whatever you want to call it:

    Steve Wilkins.

  3. Guy Agoston says:

    I am a NEWBIE, I bought the strippeddownprofit software. It seemed to be OK, except there was NO CUSTOMER SERVICE for any questions I had. There was no responce.
    The Traffic Control file, I bought, had no password and when requesting one, again there was no answer over nore than a week. By now I don’t know what to do. Can you help me, advise me.Gratefully

  4. Gary Simpson says:

    Hello Guy,

    Simple solution.

    Contact Clickbank and DEMAND a refund.

    Gary Simpson

  5. Guy Agoston says:

    Hi Gary and Dan,
    Thank you for suggesing to ask my money back.
    Clickbank just refunded my money today, (March31).
    Thanks again, Guy