1 Nugget That Not Even The Colonel Knows About

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Following on from my last mega-post, I’ll bring you one final nugget of information that I’ve picked up on my travels. It’s one of those things that people love to speculate on, but nobody really has a definitive answer to it.

So what is the mysterious question?

Here you go:

Q: Does The Geographical Location of a Server Effect Search Engine Rankings?

A: Yes

**The End**

What’s that I hear you cry, you want proof?

The video below provides you with all of the proof you need, it’s a video made by Google for their Youtube Google webmaster channel.

*Any eager beavers reading this as soon as it’s been posted via the RSS feed may need to wait for the video to show. I suck at embedding Youtube videos on WordPress posts for some mad reason!

**Turns out the video works, but it covers up some of the links in the nav bar, but I don’t think any of you really use them anyway

So to summarize, if you run a site that is specifically targeted at a certain market, you stand a better chance of ranking well in the search engines if the server your site resides on is located in that country.

But lets not take the videos word for it, Google may be pulling a devious little trick on all us nerds, lets put it to the test.

Go to Google.co.uk (The UK Google site) and search for something along the lines of:

wellies free delivery

If you then check out the domain names that come up on the first page of the Google results using the Network Tools Express search, you’ll be able to see the geographical location of all of the top sites is the UK.

You can search again for something like:

plumbers in sheffield

And you’ll see that this time we have a lot of local business results from Google that appear, if you do the Network Tools search on a few of the domains, you should find that the sites hosted in the UK achieve a higher listing than those hosted in the US and elsewhere.

So if you currently host a site that targets the UK market on a US server, you may well find that a simple server move would increase your, or your clients search engine rankings.

You don’t have to just test it on Google.co.uk, feel free to try your own local version of Google and have a look at the geographical location of the server.

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I’ve turned into the devil, I’ve turned an informative blog post into a plug for D9 Hosting, but come on, if you are going to take my advice you may as well get the hosting from me as well 😉

As I’ve been writing this post, another SEO myth that needs dispelling also came into my head, but I think I’ll leave that one for the next post – unless you all leave a comment telling me that these “nugget” posts are crap, in which case I wont bother.

So next week: Why spending loads of money on “different class c IP” hosting is a waste of time, and again, this is backed up by Google.

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And that’s all for this blog post, but before I go, here’s a recycled post from 4 years ago, call me un-patriotic but the gist of it remains the same 🙂


Over and out,

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11 Responses to “1 Nugget That Not Even The Colonel Knows About”
  1. Dan

    Your ‘nugget’ posts are crap.

    Only joking!

    I always learn something new when I visit your blog and for the benefit of anybody reading this comment d9 is the best hosting company on the planet!

    (Although, I haven’t tried every hosting company on the planet so this statement may or may not be accurate.)

    Kind regards


  2. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Dan, Thanks for posting this, i’ve often wondered. My problem is that i have some sites aimed at the UK and some aimned at the US but they are all on one hosting account and one server.

    I suppose it’s a case of which market i prefer (UK or US)? Size alone tells me the answer to that one, US!

    I’m also very pleased that you mention the gravatar (below the post) cos i was about to send the doctor over to see Stuart.

    I can also vouch for d9 Hosting the customer service, and help when needed, is outstanding. So much so that i have transfered ALL of my sites there.

    Regards, Barry

    • Dan (el_passo) says:

      If you want to split them up onto 2 servers, you’d need 2 hosting accounts at present…..but if you are interested, email me and I’m sure we can work out a hefty discount for a UK account 🙂

  3. Sally says:

    Hey Dan,

    Hmmm is this not the second time you have been the devil?

    Devils Profit Pack was yours was it not, or am I totally wrong ha ha, I made a lot of money selling that a long long time ago.

    I don’t really target just UK users so it does not really bother me, but I can see why it would affect other people.

    Good luck with the fantasy football thing, keep us updated on the winner, Sally 🙂

    • Dan (el_passo) says:

      Jeez, you have a good memory!

      I don’t know what happened to the Devils Profit Pack, there’s still a link to it on this blog, but it doesn’t resolve anymore. One of my many out of date websites that needs some TLC.

  4. Dawn Kay says:

    Hi Dan

    I’m the same as Sally not really targeting any country in particular so it makes no difference to me but I do realize now how important it would be if I was just targeting the UK market and will keep it in mind for a future project.

    Thanks for the tip off.

    Take care

    Dawn Kay

    P.s Tell Paula I’m missing her blog posts will you

  5. Jacinta Dean says:

    Hi Dan,

    I have been like Sally and Dawn, not really targeting any country. However I have been putting in some though into actually purchasing some .com.au domain names and then redirect to my main domains.

    I have been reading about how Google shows pages according to their domain relevance as well. EG in my case my spray tanning product is .com, so maybe if I have the domains in the other countries as well and redirect to my main domain I may feature more in the local google search engines.

    Is my thinking correct, or am I just waffling on nicely! 😆

    Hope all is going great. See you back here soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

    • Dan (el_passo) says:

      Rather than re-direct, if it’s static content it would probably be just as good if you set them up as different sites, rather than redirecting to one main site, but I’m like the Colnel on this one….I don’t have a definitive answer, the only way will be to test it and see how it goes 🙂

      • Jacinta Dean says:

        Hi Dan,

        In reply. The website I had in mind to buy the country domains for is actually my product at spraytanningsuccess.com. That product is sold via paydotcom. So my thinking was to buy the other country domains and redirect to the .com one to see if it increases sales.

        OK here is food for thought. Could set up a copy product with a different sales letter and graphics to the country domain.

        I think I see some testing ahead!! 🙂


        Jacinta 😀