Why England have no chance of Winning the Wold Cup

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I don`t just post about Internet Marketing and E-Books you know, i`m also a football (soccer for you yanks!) fan. Here are my views on England so far in this world cup.

As I sit here typing, we are just 8 hours away from Englands final group stage game against Sweden. England are already through to the knock out stages after struggling past two of the lesser teams in the competition – Trinidad & Tobago and Paraguay.

These two lesser teams have already been able to expose the weeknesses and the predictability of the England team. I hate to think what will happen if England (im English and support England by the way!) come up a half decent team.

Don`t get me wrong, I hope England do well but do I think it will happen – NOT A CHANCE!

This England team have been hyped up to the moon by the so called “experts in the know”, saying we have the best crop of players since we last won the competition in 1966……have they been watching the same group of players as the rest of us?

I am constantly hearing about how we have the best midfield in the world, but I can`t see one of those midfielders that has an ounce of creativity, well unless playing the long ball upto 2 5ft stikers counts 😉

    Let`s take a closer look:

Arguably the best crosser of a ball in the world but is past his best. What pace he had is now gone, but he is still probably Englands best midfield player – a scary thought!

I will get slated for this BUT what on earth is all the fuss about? When was the last time Gerrard had a decent game for England? And since when has Gerrard been on eof the best midfielders in the world. The amount of times he wastes a pass or gives the ball away is laughable, next time you watch England make a note everytime Gerrard gives the ball away, you will be surprised at how often it happens.

Out of the 2 I would start Lampard infront of Gerrard every time, he is much more of an all round midfielder and doesn`t waste the ball as much. However if we come up against a good, or even average team I feel they will be able to exploit his weeknesses, mainly his predictability – get the ball pass it over the top of the defence and hope Owen can catch the ball!

Mr Over-rated himself! All tricks and no end product, granted Mourinho has made him into a better player than he was but he still doesn`t have that vision to unlock a defence with a single pass, and he isn`t a left sided midfield player.

The worrying thing for me is that these players honestly believe they are the best in the world, is it their fault for thinking this? I don`t think it is, I blame the media for all of the hype. I think they are so used to hearing how good they are in the papers they are starting to believe the hype.

If you were the Argentina manager (in my opinion the best team in the tournament) how many of the England squad would get in that team? – NONE

England are nothing more than an average football team in the same league as Sweeden, Portugal and the Czech`s. There is no way England can be mentioned in the same breath as Argentina, Brazil, Holland, Spain or dare I say it Germany!

Rant over, feel free to slate me 🙂

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