The Most Outstanding Product of 2007 So Far??

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Which product or marketing method has made the biggest impact so far in 2007?

Whilst I was out on my bank holiday bike ride I started thinking about all of the new products, courses, marketing methods, buzz words, etc. that have crept up on us all throughout 2007.

So I actually started to list, in my mind, all of the new “buzz” products and methods that have been released to us, I then decided to take a closer look and see which item/method I thought has made the biggest impact so far in 2007.

What I found was most of these products and methods would be huge for the initial launch period, everyone would be talking about them, but eventually the buzz would die down and that would be the last you ever heard of them. After a lot of head scratching I could only think of two products that survived the initial “buzz” period and are still being used and talked about to this day.

One of the products I was thinking about was the $7 script by Jonathan Ledger and the other product was Niche Marketing On Crack (NMOC) by Andrew Hansen.

Not only did these two products survive the initial buzz period, they have both spawned new products that have been created around them!

You just have to take a look at the $7 website templates that keep popping up. Kevin Riley loved the script so much he created a $7 script installation guide, his new Instant Money Factories product also utilizes the $7 script, all of these products would never have seen the light of day if it weren’t for the original $7 script.

The same goes for NMOC, the initial e-book has spawned a new piece of software from Jonathan that allows you to create your very own NMOC blogs instantly, saving hours of manual set up time.

What I loved so much about both of these products is the way they took an existing method that was already being used, and took it to a whole new level, bringing it to the masses. 100% commissions had been around long before the $7 script arrived, but how many of you actually used the method before you got your hands on the script? Again, the same can be said for NMOC, the basic idea of promoting niche products through article marketing has been around for a long time, but Andrew managed to add his own twist to the method and he made it all the more profitable!

I am a firm believer in not trying to re-invent the wheel, if you find something that works, stick to it and try to tweak it to make it better, why try and re-invent the wheel when the wheel you are using works perfectly, and would be even better if you added a little bit of oil 😉

Sorry, I promised myself there would be no biking analogies in the article, I promise you that will be my last one!

The true test of a product is the longevity, or in other words will it still be here this time next year?

Nobody can see into the future but the two products have a very good chance. I have heard a lot of people calling the $7 script a fad but I don’t subscribe to that idea. People always love getting good value for money and you certainly get that with the $7 reports.

NMOC might be slightly more uncertain as there are more variables that could possibly effect the success of the method, such as the way google looks at article sites for back links, the saturated market and so on but I still think that, with a few tweaks along the way this “Bum Marketing” method could go from strength to strength.

All in all I think that my vote for the product of the year so far (and who knows what the future will bring) is going to go to the $7 script for all the points mentioned above, plus it shows new marketers that it really is possible to make money on the Internet. I know of one subscriber that had previously had very little success online, he produced a $7 report and within a week he had hundreds of dollars in his back pocket and it inspired him to keep going onto bigger and better things!

So that’s my reasoning behind the decision, I would love to hear what you guys and girls think, what has been your standout product of 2007 so far and why?

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4 Responses to “The Most Outstanding Product of 2007 So Far??”
  1. Colin says:

    Hi Dan,another great newsletter.I agree with the $7 script being the most outstanding product of 2007,so we are in tandem (biking analogy L.O.L) on that one, it has opened up the world of Internet Marketing to the newbie and given them confidence to start producing and selling their own products.

  2. Darren says:

    Hey Dan,

    I worked very closely with Andrew on his new software and found both him and the software itself to be very genuine. I have set myself a few hours today to eventually set up the software so I should be cranking out the sites pretty soon! Will let you know how I go on.

    Thanks again and keep those legs pumping!


  3. Kevin Riley says:


    As you said, I grabbed ahold of $7 Secrets’ script and rode that bicycle to the finish line. However, since I like both the speed of road biking and the thrashing of mountain biking, I’ll be riding a couple of special bikes this year. My next bike is being built in the shop now and it won’t use the $7 script. Funny part is, there’s a bit of an idea from NMOC in this bicycle, but made much simpler to implement.

    OK, enough bicycle talk. Now, you’ve gone and made me want to ride a trail. Ciao

  4. Dan (el_passo) says:

    I’ve been sat here trying to write a witty bicycle based reply but it’s still only 10 in the morning so we’ll see how it goes….

    Your new set of wheels sounds very interesting, is it going to be an expensive mountain bike with all the fancy brakes and gears, or a gentle little road bike?

    Either way I’m sure it will end up being a Ralleigh 500 (I made it up, but just imagine it as a really good bike!) rather than a Penny Farthing!

    …..See not, too bad for 10 in the morning 🙂