To Helpdesk or not to Helpdesk

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To Helpdesk or not to Helpdesk…That is the question!

Hello and welcome to this week’s newsletter. Although I suppose it’s not really a newsletter is it, the correct term would be “ezine” but I think that newsletter sounds better, plus it doesn’t throw up a typo in MS Word every time I type it 😉

That’s enough foreplay for now; let’s jump straight into the good stuff. This week I am going to be looking at the importance of a helpdesk system, and I after you have read through the article I would like you to tell me if I should go for a helpdesk system or stick with my email support!

I recently saw the thread below on a popular marketing forum:

Having read through the post I get the impression that sellers are in favour of a helpdesk system but buyers would prefer direct email communication.

As a seller I am currently using email support for all of my projects – no helpdesk! However email is now becoming more and more unreliable what with all of the Spam filters now in place, you can never be 100% certain that an email you sent out has reached the recipient.

Also, from a sellers perspective the amount of Spam received on a daily basis can actually make you miss out on genuine emails. At the time of writing I have been online for just under 3 hours today, but take a look at the screenshot below and look at how much Spam is already entered my inbox:


As you can see there are a few spoof ebay and paypal emails in there so it is getting increasingly more difficult to find the genuine ebay and paypal emails.

So, how would a helpdesk improve my customer service? Well for a start I wouldn’t have to worry about the problems above, the helpdesk would mean no more Spam for me and no more messages getting lost in the crap! The helpdesk would also keep a record of the conversation between the seller and the buyer in one centralized system. This is invaluable when you consider that some email clients don’t include the original email body in the “reply to” emails.

Can you imagine the conversation below, I’m sure it will ring a bell if you sell online:

Sent on Monday by buyer:
Hi, I have lost my password, please resend.

Sent on Tuesday by seller:
Hello, please can you give me your paypal email address

Sent on Friday by customer:

But the customer doesn’t include the original email with his message, so I receive an email saying but why is he sending me the email address? It’s now been 3 days since our last correspondence and I have forgotten why he sent me his address.

I then have to reply and ask why he sent me his address, he then gets angry because he thinks I am “fobbing him off” and both parties are unsatisfied with the service.

A ticket system would keep track of all correspondences between both parties so it would defiantly help overcome that problem!

Going back to the original Warrior Forum debate, the main reason people are anti-helpdesk seems to be the quality of support received, not the actual helpdesk. But wouldn’t the support be as bad if they used email instead of tickets? At the end of the day it would be the same person/people replying to your email!

From my experience I have had both good and bad support from both email and ticket systems. I don’t think the ticket system automatically equates to rubbish support!

So, my question to you is this:

“As a customer do you prefer a helpdesk or email support?”

Looking at it from a sellers (me!) point of view I am currently leaning towards getting a helpdesk system in place but I would like to hear your (the customers) views.

Please leave your replies in the comments section; I look forward to reading them!

Thanks for reading,

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