The Power Of The Article

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I have the power!

I have the power!

I have the power!

No, I’m not Batman, I just write articles.

Here’s a real life story that should give you (if you needed it!) a kick up the toosh to write some articles, or even a (singular) article – that’s all I did!

As a lot of you probably already know from my sometimes cryptic emails, I run loads of mini-niche websites that make me more income that any of my “Well known” sites, but they don’t get anywhere like the same number of visitors that my “Well known” sites receive.

To cut a long story short:

–  New Site Uploaded Last Week
–  Submit ONE Article To Ezine Articles
–  12 Website Visitors In Past 2 Days
–  2 Affiliate Sales
–  £25.00 For Me (About $50.00)

Of course I also needed to select a good product to promote, and a good keyword to target but after that, the article does the work for me.

Not only does it get me traffic from people reading the article, it provides me with a really quick and easy way to get the website listed on Google. Take the site I created last week, when my article was approved at Ezine articles, my site was listed on the first page of Google for my search term within 8 hours, not quite a record but very fast I’m sure you’ll agree.

The point I’m getting at here, is that marketing, getting your site on the first page of Google and making sales is only as difficult as you make it. There is no need to try and over complicate things.

–  Find a good product to promote
–  Check the keyword searches and do a bit of keyword research
–  Produce a simple, well laid out website to promote the product
–  Write an article targeting the keyword
–  If you’ve found a good keyword you should be able to get onto the front page of Google

I’m sure I’ve mentioned all this before but the £25 from 12 visitors made me want to write about it again. Now that you know how I do it, go out and try it for yourself. Imagine if you had 10 of these sites online brining in that sort of income!

Of course, the £25.00 from 12 visitors isn’t going to be enough for me to retire to Jamaica and marry a porn * but it’s a start!

What I’m going to do now is continue to submit some articles over time, and get more back-links to the site. At present the site is only number eight on Google for the search term, I’d ideally like it at number one.

I also tend to target two different keywords for each site, I pick one easy keyword and one that will be a bit more difficult, but still achievable. The keyword that got me to page one on Google was the easy keyword, so now I’m going to put my efforts into the other keyword, it will be slightly more difficult, but if I manage it, those 6 daily visitors could easily turn into 400 daily visitors!

Thanks for reading, and before any of you ask…No, this isn’t a sub-conscious warm up for my new product. That’s still a long way off; I seem to have a constant case of writers block when it comes to putting everything that’s in my mind onto paper.

As always, questions and comments can be added below.

Until next time,

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