The Power Of Brandable E-Books

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The Power Of Brandable E-Books

Another week and another newsletter! This weeks newsletter almost didn’t make it, monsoon season seems to be hitting North Yorkshire and as well as giving us endless power cuts, this morning it decided to hit our local broadband exchange 🙁
Luckily we seem to have power back for the time being so I’m going to be trying to do this week’s newsletter for you!

It’s 2.00pm and it looks like the calm before another storm everywhere is nice and dark as illustrated in the picture I just took below. If I make it to the end of this week’s newsletter I’ll take another one for you 😉

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Anyway, no more North Yorkshire weather reports for you, lets get on with this weeks newsletter. This week I am looking at the remarkable Power of brandable e-Books.

A quick background to brandable e-books for all of you unfamiliar with the term. Brandable e-Books are e-Books that allow you to “brand” the product with your own affiliate links. So for example, you could have an e-book that is about creating your own software product, and at the end of the book there could be a link to some related software. A brandable e-Book would allow you to encode the link to the product so that if someone purchased, you would get a commission for the sale. Not bad considering all you had to do to make the sale was sell/giveaway the e-Book.

Now, in theory that sounds all well and good, but what about in the real world – does it actually work?

Short answer – YES

The thing that made me create this week’s newsletter was a small $4.55 payment into my Clickbank account earlier this week. The payment wasn’t for a product that I promoted, or one that I had created myself. It was someone else’s e-book that I was able to brand with my affiliate link, I then simply made the e-book available to download from my website and from then on I have been receiving $4.55 payments into my Clickbank account on a regular basis – for doing virtually no work at all!

I’ll even give you a free download for that particular e-Book so you get a better idea of how everything works:

As an e-Book author I am a firm believer in branding my e-Books. I fell that it gives resellers more opportunity to make more money from the e-book, aside from the fee they receive from the sale of the e-book; they also get the chance to make backend sales from the affiliate links within the e-book.

Once you have branded an e-Book and you start to distribute it, I always give out resale rights, this means that the e-Book you branded then gets handed around the Internet like wildfire. Every time someone reads that e-Book there is a chance you will make an affiliate commission!

The example I gave was an e-Book that promoted a low priced product, however most will give you a generous commission. Take a look at my latest creation (and yes, it’s 100% brandable and resalable!)

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If you click on the image to enlarge it, you will see that I have highlighted a link in the footer of the document. The e-Book allows you to brand that link so it is your very own affiliate link. As the link is in the footer you have your affiliate link in every single page of the document! If someone clicks on that link and purchases the full Auction SOS! Product then you (or whoever branded the e-book!) receives $23.50 into your paypal account.

Cheap plug for the product:

The Making of Auction SOS! – Brandable Report

Not bad for simply selling or giving away a single e-Book.

I hope that you enjoyed this weeks newsletter, apologies if it seems slightly rushed but I have visions of the electric going off and me losing everything! If you have any questions or comments as always feel free to use the comments section below.

As promised, it looks like I made it to the end of this week’s newsletter in one piece, so here is a follow up picture! It’s not as dark as the first picture but now it’s raining and we still have power…for now!

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Until next week,

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