How I Dominated Google For Resell Rights Fortune

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How I Dominated Google For Resell Rights Fortune

Hello, welcome, greetings, good to see you etc, etc, etc.

Today I come bearing gifts, it’s not gold, frankincense and mur, but it’s something that could be just as valuable in the long run. I’m going to show you how I “took over” Google during the launch of Resell Rights Fortune.

Just a bit of background info before we get started.

Resell Rights Fortune is a product from Socrates Socratous, that was released on the 9th June. The product allows you to save time, by searching through a database full of different resale rights and private label products – eBooks, scripts, software, videos and so on.

Socrates asked me to promote the product for him a couple of weeks before the launch, so I put my thinking cap on and decided upon a plan of action.

I pity the fool that doesn't have a thinking cap

As there was still 2 weeks until the launch, I decided to use a method I’d used in the past. I’d create a simple WordPress Blog, purchase a related domain name, and add some good content to the blog that relates to the product, and if all goes according to plan, I’ll end up with a good placement on Google.

I’m pleased to report that my plan worked, take a look at the image below!

Resell Rights Fortune Google Results

As you can see, I take the first, second, fourth and fifth position on Google for the term “Resell Rights Fortune“, I even pushed down the actual Resell Rights Fortune site into 3rd place. (Sorry Socrates:-))

You are probably thinking that’s all well and good, but does it actually get any traffic?

Simple answer, yes, it does. More proof for you below:

Traffic Stats

As you can see, the site received 207 hits from Google during the launch period, all of these people looking for more information on the Resell Rights Fortune product.

The site that took me less than 2 hours to setup, has helped to bring in over $2,000 in sales of the product so far, so it does work! Yes, I did send out a mailing to my list that also contributed to the sales total, but the number of clicks generated from the email was 182, so even if we say it was a 50/50 split between the list and the site, it’s still $1,000 which can’t be sniffed at for 1 simple site.

So hopefully I’ve given you enough evidence there to show you that what I did does actually bring back results, so here is EXACTLY how I did it:

1. I purchased the domain name from D9 Hosting. ($9.99 per year)

2. I found a WordPress theme that I liked, and then set up a blog on the domain which again, I hosted with D9 Hosting. ($6.95 per month)

3. I created a quick “sneak preview” video showing you what it was like inside the members area. I then distributed the video to a network of video sites using Heyspread.

4. I wrote some posts that I could put on the blog, each showing the reader different aspects of the Resell Rights Fortune (RRF) Product.

5. I put a link to the RRF blog on this blog, so Google could find it.

6. Once Google had indexed the site, I posted a new article every few days to keep the content fresh.

That’s it!

There really is nothing to it, so why not give it a try next time there’s a big product launch coming up? It’s a lot easier to get a few hundred hits from Google than to build a few hundred new mailing list subscribers 🙂

I’ve also just realized that I did make a blog post similar to this way back in October…..although in that promotion I used a slightly different method, so if you want another twist on the method check out the following post:

And that just about wraps it up for this weeks blog post, I know a lot of you are first time readers, so I hope you found the information useful, and do let me know if you have any questions or feedback by leaving a comment in the section below.


The Last Post Of 2008

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It’s the 23rd of December, and relatives have started to appear at random unannounced intervals, some come bearing gifts, others do not. It can only mean one thing – it’s Christmas!

It’s the annual event that allows me to break away for the computer (for a couple of hours at a time anyway!)  and argue with family members:

Dan: “I’m watching TV, play on the xbox later”

Dan’s Brother: “Shut up, you always get to watch TV”

Dan: “Move the xbox into your bedroom”

Dan’s Brother: “Know you are said you are but what am I”

Dan: “What?”

Dan’s Brother: “Know you are said you are but what am I”

And repeat for 7 days.

Despite the constant arguing I do tend to use Christmas as a bit of a break, I do answer emails and support requests, but I won’t be doing any blog or website updates until after the 1st January 2009, so this is going to be the last post of 2008!

As I feel it’s been a good year content wise for this blog, I’m going to show you a blog post that is almost a year old and that will be very useful for you at this time of year.

The post shows you how to automatically update your Copyright notices so they show the correct  Year. Check it out here:

An Easy Way To Change Website Copyright Dates

That’s all I have for today, all that’s left is for me to thank every single one of you that’s read the blog, or purchased any of my products in the past year, have a very Happy Holiday season and I’ll be back to inform/entertain/bore/annoy you in 2009!

Have a good one!

How To Sell & Publish Your Books On

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It seems that one of life’s greatest mysteries is:

“How Do I Get My Own Book Published?”

Statistics show that the vast majority of people feel they have at least one book in them, but they have no idea how to find a publisher.

Thankfully since the dawn of the Internet things have become a lot easier. There are now services out there that will help you turn your own master-pieces into physical paperback, or hardback books that can be sold in the world’s biggest online market places including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Waterstones.

In dead simple terms, here is how you do it:

1. Write the book

The first step is to write your book. I find the easiest way is to open up your favorite word processor (Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, etc.) and get typing! If you set yourself a target of so many pages/chapters each day, you’ll be surprised at how quickly things start to take shape.

2. Format the book

Add some pictures if you wish, insert a contents page and generally “jazz up”  the layout of your book. Make each chapter start on a new page, make the main headings bold and use a different font to make them stand out just that little bit more.

If you a stuck for ideas, just read some of your favorite books and take note of how they format everything.

3. Send  the book to your publisher

Yes, you already have a publisher waiting to accept your book, and you didn’t even have to leave the PC (or MAC, I’m all for equality!) screen.

At present your book is still in digital form, so it’s known as an eBook, or e-Book depending on how pedantic you want to be. But whichever way you spell it, you need to upload your eBook to the publisher. And that’s actually pretty much it, you can now sell your book online, and the publisher will print and ship the book for you, but now the best bit.

4. How to sell your book on Amazon & Other online book stores

All you need to be able to sell your book on Amazon is an ISBN number. Again, it’s dead simple – get your publisher to do it for you!

The publisher is able to give you all the help you need when it comes to getting an ISBN number for your book, as well as selling your creation on Amazon. They’ll even take care of the distribution side of things for you!

So in 4 easy steps, that’s how you sell your book on Amazon. It can actually be done in less than an hour assuming you’ve already written your book 🙂

Of course, I’ve shown you everything in it’s most basic form, there are of course a lot more questions that you’d need answers to before you can become the next JK Rowling, things like:

  • How to generate sales of your book
  • How to find the publisher
  • How to get the ISBN number
  • The formatting limitations for a hardback/paperback book
  • What size do your images have to be?
  • How to do you make a professional front and back cover for the book?
  • How do you break into the Amazon worldwide marketplace
  • Can you use PLR (Private Label Rights) material?
  • How to turn any existing eBook into a physical book
  • And so on…

If you are at all interested in publishing your own book, then I strongly recommend you check out “Ebook 2 Book”. All of the bullet points and steps that I mentioned above are covered in the guide, and it really will save you hours, if not days of research time!

Click Here To View Ebook 2 Book
A Step By Step Guide To Publishing Your Own Book/eBook On Amazon