SEO 102

SEO 102 is a natural progression from SEO 101 that I posted a couple of weeks ago.

In one of the comments I was asked how I know how many times to include a keyword in the body text, how often it should be bold, how to get the perfect description and so on.

So I thought I’d show you how I do it.

I use some software called “Internet Business Promoter“.

It’s not some software that I’ve just started “using” so I can make a thinly disguised affiliate pitch to you, I’ve been using it for at least 3 years now and it’s a great tool – a bit pricey but well worth it IMO.

Before continuing, I know I said this isn’t some BS affiliate pitch for a product that I don’t actually use, but I am going to be using my affiliate link when mentioning the software, I may as well try get a tiny bit of revenue from this blog, not so I can use it to feed my hidden crack addiction (I’m very boring like that, never done drugs, never smoked, only a moderate drinker), but to help me buy shiny things for Christmas.

But anyway, here’s how I use the software.

First of all I write my content and put my site together, I write the content as naturally as possible, but in the back of my mind I’m always trying to fit my keyword/keywords in the content as naturally as possible. At this point I don’t think about the density or anything like that, I merely try and fit them in there naturally.

When I’ve done that, I upload the site to the WWW without any formatting. (Bold, italic, headlines, etc.)

I then open up Internet Business Promoter (IBP for the sake of my keyboard), and run a report on the site by clicking on Optimization > Run Report

Internet Business Promoter

It then analyzes the current top 10 listings on Google (or the search engine you choose) and compares them to your page. It then cleverly tells you what you can do to your page, to improve the on page optimization to take it above your competition.

It presents these findings to you in a nice easy to read report, with a percentage score at the top of the page. The idea is to get your page as near to 100% as possible, I’ve never actually got a page to be bang on 100% but in my experience 80% and above will usually go a long way to help you rank well in the organic search results.

IBP Generating The Report

This is a bad report

You can see from the above picture, that the site I just ran the report on only scored 54% so that’s not too good. So how do we change that?

Well, we read the report of course 🙂

There are lots of things I can change to make it better, but I wont show you all of them as it’ll probably take all day for me to write. So I’ll just show you an example of the sort of things it tells you to do, the screenshot below shows you how I can improve my page <title> to make it more appealing for Mr Google.

Don't worry, it can be fixed!

It tells me that the keyword density in my <title> tag is too high, so what I need to do is have a rethink and come up with a new <title> that isn’t so keyword heavy.

When I’ve done that, I can re-run the report and see if my page score has improved.

It’s basically just rinse and repeat – run the report, implement the suggestions, run the report, etc.

If you keep doing that, then eventually you’ll have the perfectly optimized web page, ready to get you a top ranking in Google.

Don’t believe me, do a search on Google for “Lovefilm Review”.

Number 1, but worthless

You’ll see that the number 1 site in the organic search results belongs to me. I have many sites like that, all with page 1 rankings, but I don’t mind showing you the Lovefilm one – you can compete with me all you like on that keyword, it was doing well until Lovefilm decided to have a change of policy and banned affiliates from using the Lovefilm trademark in domain names, so I’m no longer a member of their affiliate program. So if anyone wants to make me an offer for that website, go ahead, maybe you can make money from it in some other way!

So that brings to an end this blog post, as I said, it’s not a full on affiliate pitch trying to sell you the software, it’s just an insight into what I use. If you want to check it out, then go ahead, there’s a 30 day free trial, if you don’t, then not to worry!

Thanks for reading.

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15 Responses to “SEO 102”
  1. Randy Smith says:

    Hi Dan,

    Cool Stuff, But you weren’t kidding about it not being cheap were you…lol

    I’m amaxed that a fellow Yorkshireman would spend that much… especially when you’ve already said that you don’t drink too much!!!

    So I can only guess that it must do it’s job Very Well and therefore justify it’s price with the money its helped you make 🙂

    This is one for the come back to list when I’m feeling flush.
    I wouldn’t normally add a pricey product to my list to come back to …. but As I trust your recommendation, It’ll go on the list 🙂



    • Dan (el_passo) says:

      Yep, I certainly wasn’t telling porkies when I said it wasn’t cheap :-p

      I do swear by it though, if it helps you get a website onto the 1st page of Google then it’s well worth it IMO.

      I’ve also tidied up your name – I don’t have that anchor text comment plugin thing, and it’s a no follow blog anyway so doesn’t make a difference 🙂

  2. John McNally says:

    Well done for getting to #1 Google Dan. Pity about lovefilms changing their affiliate program rules. I daren’t look at your software if Randy thinks it’s pricey as well, maybe I can check it out when the pennies start to come in.


    • Dan says:

      Randy is from Yorkshire like me, we think everything is expensive 😀

      Although I’ll tell you what I did see last week that was expensive….sledges on Skipton market priced at £10 each!!!!!!!!

  3. Anthony says:

    The software Internet Business Promoter rocks. I’ve used it and attained # 1 on Google out of 342,000 results but as you said it is pricey but well worth the price.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Anthony,
      Congrats on the #1 position, of course you still need to get a few back links to your site but the software really does give you an edge with the on-page stuff.

      I only use IBP for my on page analysis, but it does actually have a back link getter thing built in, but I’ve never really had a proper play around with that part of it, maybe something for me to look at in the new year.

  4. Hey Dan,

    Some excellent info there for anyone wanting to take SEO to the next step! That software looks really good, it looks like it makes it all a lot easier. I think I’ll download the trial and give it a go.

    Great post mate.



    • Dan says:

      I think you’ll like it, if I remember it correctly the free trial was fully functional when I first downloaded it a few years ago, so if it still is, you could test it on 1 website and see what results you get without parting with any moolah!

  5. Eamon says:

    Hi Dan,

    Very informative Dan, This is excellent information you’ve handed out here for anyone that’s having a hard time understanding what the whole SEO things all about.

    The software you mentioned looks to be something I’ll have to check out, seems like it would leave the job a whole lot easier. It may be costly, but since your post triggered it to my attention, I’ve checked what others had to say and it’s all good.

    You get the free trail, so I’m in going to check it out and see how it goes.

    Great post Dan


  6. Hilmy says:


    A friend has also recommended IBP but I’ve never used it and may not be in near future. Though I feel it is a better option than getting yourself an SEO consultant which likely to be a lot pricier and perhaps not giving any better results..

    • Dan says:

      Hi Hilmy,
      I can’t decide if you are a spam bot or not, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and leave the comment on 😉

      With regards SEO consultants, good SEO consultants cost the earth, but there’s a reason for it, they get results. IMO you are a lot better spending £20k on a “proper” SEO consultant with a proven track record than spending $200 on a team of outsources to get you “1 billion back links”

  7. Sally Neill says:

    Hey Dan

    Did ya have a nice christmas???

    That software looks cool, I hate SEO stuff to be honest, I love how you reveal your top site AFTER you stop using the affiliate program ha ha ha.

    It’s a little pricey for me though, but if I ever make a ton of cash, I might go for it, but tbh imo (took me a while to figure out what IMO meant) I prob wouldn’t use it.

    But I am sure there are many out there who will find it very helpful.

    Always nice when people promote products they actually use too, not like those bloody reviews all over the internet that are all one sided and blatant warm up sales pitches.

    Catch ya soon,

    Sally 🙂

    • Dan says:

      Hi Sally,
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

      I had a decent Christmas – my 88 year old nan was rushed into hospital the day before Xmas eve and we thought she was cream crackered, but she pulled through and is now back home enjoying her Whiskey and Mince Pies, but we spent a lot of Christmas to and from the hospital, all worked out well in the end though 😀

      I’m not going to reveal my top sites whilst they are making me money, me no stupid :-p

      Think I’d best write an official “Happy New Year” blog post, just to be festive and what not, see if I can crack one out (a blog post!) before the new years eve drinking starts!

  8. Christopher says:

    I have a Facebook group that would love to read this article.they love stuff like this

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