New Software Product – Operating System Survey

Hello Everyone,

Two blog posts in under 1 week, that hasn’t happened for a while! (If you want to skip my intro and go straight to the survey scroll down a couple of paragraphs.)

This post stems from a PC upgrade that took place earlier this week, I now have Windows Vista installed on one of my PC’s.

/Rolls eyes πŸ˜‰

One of the first things I did was test out the beta version of my new software on Vista. A couple of beta testers had already tested on Vista but I wanted to test for myself as well just to be certain everything was working. Everything did work, apart from a couple of really annoying bugs that I noticed, so whilst we are working away on making the software 100% Vista compatible I thought I would do a little survey to see how many people this could possibly effect:

Which Operating System Do You Use?

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Will You Be Upgrading To A New Operating System Within The Next 6 Months?

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Thanks for taking part in the polls, it will help us a great deal to see what percentage of customers are using, or are planning on using Vista.

Until next time.

P.S. I also did a quick test with Auction SOS to check the Vista compatibility. I’m pleased to say it works fine, but you may need to download a small file if you get any errors during the install, you can download this file from microsoft by clicking here.

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12 Responses to “New Software Product – Operating System Survey”
  1. JonB says:

    Hi Dan,

    I still use XP on both my PC’s but will be looking to upgrade to Vista when SP1 for Vista is released later this year.

    Good look getting your Software Vista compatible.

    All the best


    PS: I think the Bonus you are offering for John Thornhill’s $10 digital mentorship site is a Great Idea, Very Original.

  2. Alan says:

    Operating system used at the moment on 2 x desk tops and 2 x lap tops windowsxp.
    If I had my way they would still be on win98, will only consider vista when all other operating systems are no longer available or when hell freezes over which ever is the quicker. The creation of new systems on a to frequent basis is one of the biggest cons of the past 1000 years.

    They would have beem better spending their time on upgrades to win98 and debugging that for a decade.

    Well thats me finished for a while, I’ll just pop the orange box under the desk untill next time

  3. Dan (el_passo) says:

    Thanks for the votes and comments guys.

    @ Jon – Hopefully getting the software Vista compatible won’t be a big job, the main features all work it just needs a bit of tweaking to make cerain features compatible with the Vista registry as it’s slightly different to XP’s.

    Thanks for the bonus comment, it seemed a good idea at the time but now I’m snowed under with video requests πŸ™‚

    @ Alan – Windows 98 seems like another lifetime ago now doesn’t it. I must admit I did prefer XP to 98, my memories of 98 involved a lot of BSOD’s and constant crashes, XP seemed a lot more stable to the naked eye although there were a few big security holes that really should have been dealt with before launch.

    Vista isn’t as bad as I thought it would be after reading all the horror stories. So far it hasn’t done anything untoward but then again I’ve only had it up and running for 2 days πŸ˜‰

  4. Tom says:

    Funny your survey should arrive in my inbox today. I just got back online after having my pc’s & network fried by lightening.

    So now I’m running all Vista machines. Quite a few programs & devices are not working with it & some of the manufacturers have don’t have updated drivers yet.

    I’m slowly getting things over to the new system & getting used to it but right now I really miss my xp machines.

    If I had had the time I would have had the pc’s configured to dual boot with xp in fact I wish I had.


  5. Sally says:

    I think most people will get vista when they upgrade, it has very strong security which can be annoying until you get used to it!

    Sadly my poor old xp went to heaven and I still miss it haha

    Sally πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Dan

    I bought vista and after finding so many insecurities within the system
    and also finding at least half of my library giving errors either at the
    start or whilst working with them, i gave up and went back to XP Pro.

    Vista also caused 17 crashes to my system in 4 days. luckily i still had
    my complete xp system on another drive. Therefore go carefull…

    So i will not move over to Vista within 1 to 2 years…


  7. Dan (el_passo) says:

    So it’s safe to say Vista pretty much divides opinion, i’m lucky as I still have a laptop with Vista, and my old one is just about workable so I can make a slow transition!

  8. Allen Farlow says:

    Sally, most people who have Vista did not choose Vista. It was force fed to us by those marketing cons at Microsoft.

    If I had my choice I wouldn’t ever have a Vista OS, yet I now have two laptops with it.

    Better security? Please! It’s nothing but a glorified XP OS with a bunch of completely unneccesary eye candy that doesn’t do anything except slow it down to crawl speed, not to mention very annoying little pop up windows that appear every time I want it to do something, which slows me down to crawl speed.

    Not to mention having to buy a new printer because the one I had is not compatible with Vista.

    And did I mention I can’t watch anything on Fox TV because they are not compatible with Vista yet? So much for seeing the end of 24. Guess I’ll have to buy the dvd when it comes out next year to see what happened with Jack Bauer.

    I am not happy with VIsta at all. It should never have been released until the compatiability issues were worked out, but as always, MS
    doesn’t care about anyone but themselves.

    Here’s a new word to put in the dictionary: Vistamized.

    Meaning: Being victimized by Microsoft and their below par Vista OS.

    Allen Farlow

  9. Terri says:

    Hi Dan,

    I Just got my Vista one week ago today. The second day I had it I froze it up. Other than that one time I haven’t had any serious problems… but then again I just got it. I’m not sure what my opinion of Vista is yet. After being scammed by a major computer manufactorer…. I ended up with a Vista though I wanted XP — Long Story…. If you want to hear about it I’ll be happy to tell you!

    I’m thinking about sending this Vista back and getting XP on the Dimension I originally wanted…. I just think they have to many Vista’s under contract and need to dump them on the unsuspecting…

    Vista may not have been ready to be released. I think it will go the way of Windows Millennium… big today… gone tommorrow but one never knows.

    I would love to also hear how Vista compares with XP


  10. Dan (el_passo) says:

    “And did I mention I canÒ€ℒt watch anything on Fox TV ”

    Every cloud had a silver lining….. πŸ™‚

  11. Terri says:

    Hi Dan,

    My humble apoligies for my rant on your blog. My Irish Temper, German temperment and Indian Bloodthirst got the best of me. It took me nearly 2 days to get over that one. Now I’ve been using Vista for almost two weeks now. After I figured out those nifty little zippered folders where not some new windows zip file program…. Vista and I are getting along smoothly. It’s still new and I’m still inching my way around but so far It isn’t so bad. I had to reboot it once so far…

    Only time will tell what Vista brings…. A Vista SP1 will be out soon.
    Thanks Dan! I’m back to my usual charming self again!


  12. Dan (el_passo) says:

    lol, don’t worry about it Terri,

    After a week with Vista I can see where your rant came from, a couple of days ago I installed a program that came with an un-supported driver and the PC wouldn’t boot, I had to go into safe mode and uninstall the driver before I could get back on!