My eBay Suspension At The Worst Possible Time

Date: 29th April
Time: Lunch
Location: My Bedroom


My suspension

Dear Mr Thompson,
It has come to our attention that you have committed a sin against the e of bay, we have no choice but to  discontinue our association with you for a minimum of 30 days, or 720 hours.

Complaining about this suspension before the 30 days are up would be futile.

Yours in service,
Roger eBay (Head of eBay)

Roger eBay

So the scene was set ladies and gentlemen, my eBay account had been suspended just as I was getting ready to re-launch my shop for the CD digital media revolution.

I was actually suspended for “Feedback Manipulation” which was very strange, the feedback and the item for sale that “breached” the rule received and listed before the digital ban came in place, but I was banned when the digital item ban came into play – confused? So am I!

The listing that caused the problem was associated with the EW portal delivery script that I sell. The script works with eBay, so I had a listing in my shop called the “EW Portal Demo Auction”. When someone purchased the item, the script would deliver a file to the customer. It was a great way of showing potential customers what the script could do, but unfortunately Roger eBay didn’t like it.

So now I’m banned from eBay until at least the 29th May – I’m a modern day Ronnie Kray. (A famous criminal here in the UK)

A modern day criminal

However, every cloud has a silver lining as they (who are these they’s we hear so much about?) say. My eBay suspension means I can’t list any of my new multimedia CD’s on there until my account is reinstated, so whilst it’s bad news for me, it’s great news for you!

On Monday I showed you my brand new Basic HTML Multimedia CD ROM designed to sell on your website and on eBay.

The only place you can get the CD from at present is from me, so if you act fast there will be virtually no competition on eBay for that item!

The price is still only $10 and shipping is only $2.50 no matter where abouts in the world you are located.

So get those listings up before my account is reinstated! You can check out the CD by clicking on the image below, and if you plan to resell it, you can download the sales page to use on your website, or on eBay by clicking here.


As always thanks for reading, and when you get your hands on the CD do let me know what you think about it!


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15 Responses to “My eBay Suspension At The Worst Possible Time”
  1. Rich Moses says:

    Lets chalk up yet another blunder for eBay and their endless wisdom.
    A person spends countless hours building a buisness and reputation and ebay walks all over it at a moments notice. I am happy to see you take this in stride and we all hope some day eBay will get their act together.

  2. Richard says:

    Hey Dan sorry to hear about your Ebay troubles. Some of their staff really haven’t got a clue have they! I totally agree with Rich Moses’ post above.

    Ordered your Basic HTML cd earlier this week. A couple of questions for you:

    What price can we resell it for and do you have a minimum price for resellers?

    Can I design my own cd label or have you got a good 300dpi version of yours I can have?

    Cheers and here’s to getting reinstated quickly,

  3. Dan (el_passo) says:

    Hi Richard. (Both of you!)

    Richard number 2:

    There is no price limit for the CD, you can sell for as much or as little as you wish.

    You are free to redesign the CD label, or create your own. The CD label is provided as a high quality (over 2MB in size!) BMP image and is on the CD you will receive in the post.

  4. Pat Graham says:

    Hi Dan…read your eBay problems with some disbelief. I cannot figure out why such a powerful force in Internet Marketing is making so many stupid moves to curtail their own business, let alone the business of those who helped create their influence.

    Anyway, I applaud your positive approach to this crapola and believe that your new direction with the CD will benefit you in ways you haven’t considered yet.

    I’m going to my mailbox today to see if my CD is here yet. I will be offering it for sale when I get my own site up and running.


  5. Carol Smith says:

    Since appearing on the IM scene in Oct of 2007 I have read your blog and your posts on a couple of forums.

    Until the last couple of weeks, I have classified you as brilliant, friendly but quiet. This post has confirmed my rapidly changing opinion of you. You are indeed brilliant in the matters about which you write — and I suspect other areas as well — BUT you are anything but quiet. You marvelous sense of humor really shines through on this. HOORAY!

    Waiting on delivery of your CD. Know it will be successful.

    My ebay store is virtually empty. They just got around to removing a parenting book that was listed as a printed workbook and also as a CD. It had been there since before the ban. As a beginner I had listed price difference and indicated that it included shipping. Somehow the digital delivery button stayed checked. Oh well, learn a little every day is my motto.

    Carol Smith

  6. Pat Graham says:

    Off topic, but deserved…

    Happy 1st birthday for your very successful venture…D9 Hosting.

    I am a happy client and just wanted you to know that. You and your business partner, Paula Brett, have created something to really be proud of.

    Why aren’t you tooting your own horn, so to speak? Don’t tell me you’re too shy. 8^)


  7. Steve says:


    If I want to sell your CD, I just set the price and order from you. Correct? Do you have a susggested price? I assume that I would just pay through Paypal and desiginate that the order is being drop shipped to my customer.

    Many thanks

  8. Dan (el_passo) says:

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I’ll do my best to get through the replies before I go out for some food!

    @ Pat #1 – I’d imagine your CD will arrive tomorrow, so maybe best if you don’t venture to your mailbox today. It could have all the evil Bill’s in there and no sexy CD!

    @ Carol – It’s the quiet one’s you need to look out for 😉 And thanks for the compliments, you are making me blush!

    @ Pat 2 – To be honest I didn’t realise, I think the 1 year thing is sometime towards the end of this month. This blog is also 2 years old very soon 🙂

    @ Steve – If you wanted to do that, that would be fine. However the idea is for you to copy and distribute the CD yourself so you can keep all the moolah, rather than having to pay me $12.50 each time you sell a CD.

  9. Steve says:

    Thanks Dan for the quick reply. I look forward to receiving the CD.

  10. Hey Dan,

    I admire your positive outlook concerning eBad…opps I meant eBay.

    If the same had happen to me I would have wanted to take a trip to California
    and have a few words with them….Wouldn’t do me any good, but I would feel a whole lot better 😉
    Thanks for the Great Posts, and products you provide…..


  11. Sally says:

    Hey Dan

    I look forward to your rapid return!

    Sally 🙂

  12. Edson says:

    Hi Dan

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one that got suspended. samething happened to me and I really dont understand why but thats life. I have to wait until May 21 which is right around the corner.

    Dan, are you going to send your cds out yourself or are you going to have them outsourced?


  13. Dan (el_passo) says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    @ Edson – the CD’s are all printed, burnt and shipped using a fulfilment company.

    To be honest this $10 test I’ve set up is also a good way for me to get feedback on the whole process – plus it gives you all the chance to grab a brand new item for peanuts!

  14. Bryan says:

    So was your account ever reinstated? I had mine suspended for 30 days, which is almost over. But I wanted to see if Ebay let you back on or did you have to request ti be reinstated?

    Thank you,


    • Dan says:

      Hi Brian,
      To be honest it’s that long ago I can barely remember, but they must have reinstated me because I still have access to my account, sorry I can’t be more helpful but I honestly can’t remember :-0