I Just Found A Niche!

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Well, I actually stumbled upon it, rather than finding it, but that’s a minor detail 😉

Welcome to this weeks newsletter, this week I was supposed to follow on from last weeks controversial “nofollow” post and I was going to show you how to remvoe the “nofollow” links from your blogs. However I found out that you can get all the info you need on that subject from the WordPress codex site (click here) so today I’m switching to something totally different.

I’m going to tell you a story of how I stumbled upon a stupidly profitable niche. (Pronounced as Neeeesh, Nitch, or if you are Bruce Lee….Neeee-Shaaaaaaa!)

The story begins with an email I received after I posted last weeks blog article about the nofollow links I mentioned earlier. A subscriber of mine replied to my email and asked if I’d like to work with him on a project. You can see the email below.

An Email From Aaron

Sorry for the size of the above pic but I’m restricted a bit with the blog theme! In short, he asked me to take a look at a new product he had created and if I could give him some advice on how to market it.

Before I go on, I’d better give “He” a name. His name is Aaron and he deals in….TATTOO’S!! The same things that teenagers love and parents hate 😉

Aaron sells a number of his own Tattoo based products including various tattoo art designs and eBooks. The product he pitched to me was a new “Ready To Go” Tattoo based website that acted as a promotional vehicle for his other Tattoo products.

The idea is for you to put up the website, drive traffic to the site and you then make 75% commission from the sales of his main product – a large collection of Tattoo based artwork, designs and all round tattoo goodness!

As with any promotion I do, I asked to see a copy of the product first, so I emailed Aaron back and he quickly sent me over a copy of the website for me to try out. So I went out and purchased a domain name, and uploaded the site. (Click here to see my “Tattoo Art Info” site!)

Now this in itself is nothing special, I’m sure you’ve all got the odd “Ready To Go” website either online or saved on your hard drive, so what makes this one so different?


Keyword Results

What you can see above is a brief overview of how profitable the Tattoo niche is, I used Keyword Elite to build a keyword list, then I ran it again to see how much competition there is for each keyword and how many results/searches there were for the keywords. Take a close look at the screenshot above, look at how many searches there are each month and then look at how little competition there is, it’s going to be a goldmine!!

Why have I blacked out the actual keywords?

Because in all honesty, I would rather keep them to myself as I plan on creating a number of niche websites based on Tattoos, and that keyword list shows me exactly which keywords to target. All I have to do is find a domain name that fits in with the keyword and then write a few articles and hey-presto, my site gets loads of traffic from Google.


Don’t worry, there is a way you can get your hands on my Keyword List, but I’m not giving it away to just anyone, you’ve got to promise me that you are actually going to put your website online, and you are going to make a real attempt to make it work. If you just intend to upload your website and then forget about it, please slowly step away from the page, this isn’t for you!

If you agree to the above terms, then you are ready for dominance in the Tattoo niche, here’s what to do next.

1. Download Aaron’s “Ready To Go” Tattoo website – (Click here)

2. Send me an email (Use the contact link at the top of the page) containing your receipt and I’ll reply with the Keyword Lists

3. Choose a Keyword from my list and purchase a domain name containing the keyword

4. Upload the website!

5. Write a couple of articles and make sure you put a link back to your new site in the bio box. When linking make sure the anchor text contains the keyword you are targeting

6. Submit a new article every couple of weeks and try to get some back-links from similar sites

It really is as easy as that! I’ve said this many times before, but it really is the best thing in the world when you manage to get on the first page of Google for a high traffic keyword!

That’s what makes this niche so powerful, there are keywords and phrases that get thousands and thousands of searches each month, yet in a couple of cases there are less than 200,000 pages on Google for that search term. Any of you that have ever searched for a niche know how difficult it is to find a market like this, so are you going to sit back and think about what could have been, or are you going to be one of the few that takes action and sees results?

I’ve given you everything you need to succeed in this niche – see the points a couple of paragraphs up. Please, please do use this information to your advantage, I can’t stress how powerful the Tattoo website and my keyword list is. In a way I’m stupid for giving it away but I made a promise to Aaron that I’d help him out and I do keep my word!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about anything!

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Remember that if you have a D9 Hosting account you can host unlimited domains on the 1 account, so all you need is a domain name for the Tattoo website. (Saves you buying a separate hosting account for it!)

P.P.S. I’ve just noticed this blog is 2 years old, time flys! I wonder how many of you have been readers since the very first post back in 2006?

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