How YOU can become an expert in any field

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How YOU can become an expert in any field

Hello everyone, welcome to another article. This article has been inspired by something that happened to me earlier on this week. It also has something to do with that sexy little banner that you can see to the right of your screen 😉

This week I will show you exactly how easy it is to become an expert in your field!

There are experts in all walks of life, you will see experts every day on the TV, Radio or in your daily newspaper, experts are like tourists on a sunny Yorkshire day – they are EVERYWHERE!

But how did they become experts and what benefits are there in becoming an expert?

The experts you will see on the TV will have no doubt studied for years and years on their chosen subject to become an expert in the field. Over the years they become respected experts that everyone wants to know, their word is gospel, when they speak people listen!

Imagine if Sir David Attenborough walked into the room now and told you that a new species of Rhino had just been discovered, I can guarantee that you would listen to his every word and that’s the most important part of this article. I think I will make it bold just to emphasize it a bit more 🙂

When experts speak, people listen!

That’s great but what does this have to do with us? More than you would think actually, on a lesser scale all of you reading this now have the power to become an authority figure in any field you have chosen.

Any of you reading now have the knowledge available to become an expert in your field. Everyone, and I do mean every one of you has something in your head that others would love to know. We all have hobbies and interests, all you need to do is document these and get people to read them, and before you know it people will be looking to you for guidance and advice.

I will use my own experiences as an example. A couple of months ago I began posting these articles from my blog onto a popular article website. After my articles were reviewed and posted on the website I was able to display the “Expert Author” image on my websites. (As you can see at the top of the page)

Displaying this image automatically gives confidence to you the readers, and more importantly potential customers. It proves that you are not some cowboy that doesn’t have a clue about the subject and it instantly gives confidence to your subscribers.

So what are you waiting for, start writing your reports and guides then you can become an expert in your field and start to reap the rewards!

****End Article****

Just a quick sidenote this week. A lot of you will have downloaded Internet Explorer 7 this week via the windows update. My initial impressions are quite good as a user, but as a Webmaster they are not so good, infact they are downright terrible.

A lot of my sites are starting to display incorrectly in IE7, I emailed Microsoft about this and their reply was:

“Dear Mr Thompson,
Thankyou for contacting Microsoft with your concerns.

We have reviewed the websites listed and can confirm that your problem lies with your code. Your HTML code is no longer valid as Internet explorer 7 now only follows code that has been written to W3 standards.

This standard has been used for over 5 years now and all webmasters should be now following the W3 guidelines.

Thankyou for contacting Microsoft

So by the looks of things a lot of us are going to be very busy changing our websites to comply with the W3 coding standards, which I’m sure you will agree is a massive pain in the a*** 🙁


OK, I made all of that up but I bet for a split second there that you believed me. You believed me because you perceive me as an expert in the field and you would believe what I told you, even if in this case it is a load of rubbish! Have a read through the “email” again and you will realize how crazy it sounds, but you still believed it for a split second because it was me spinning you the tale!

That really is the end of this weeks newsletter, I hope you enjoyed reading it and I promise I won’t make up any fake emails next week but I hope I managed to get my point across.

As always please leave any comments you may have!


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3 Responses to “How YOU can become an expert in any field”
  1. Some nice comments there Dan. Sometimes it does not matter if you are an expert in a particular field, all that counts is that others see you as an expert.
    For a split second I did beleive you about Microsoft, I should have known better…
    But you’re the expert 🙂

  2. Dan (el_passo) says:

    lol, I wondered how many people would fall for the microsoft thing. In my first draft I made up a story about a guy from France “Finishing” the internet, all he got to see were some developer credits and a picture of Bill Gates in a bikini but I decided that was too far fetched.

    It would be interesting to see just how far you can push the boundries once you have achieved “expert” status.

  3. Allen Farlow, from the States says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’m a computer tech for Best Buy, a large electronics retailer here in the states.

    I enjoyed that yarn you spun about the W3 standards, since there are no W3 standards that I know about. Ha ha, almost fooled me, but not quite.

    Good way to make your point, though.

    However, if you had instead mentioned the W3 protocols from Intel, you would have been much more correct. We get updates from Intel all the time and they recently upgraded the Pentium 4 chips to increase speed and efficiency in laptop operations by almost double what they are with the standard Pentium 4.

    They finally sent the new chips to us and I recently installed one in my laptop and have seen an incredible decrease in download time. It has been cut in half! Talk about a godsend. I love my laptop more than my girlfriend! (Don’t tell her!) I can literally fly around the Internet now, warp speed.

    It hasn’t been released to the general public yet (Intel will most likely announce it in a press release due in mid February, 2007) but my bosses never said I couldn’t mention it to others, so here it is, Pentium 4 Next Gen. It says W3.0 on the chip.

    We’ve been pretty busy learning the new tech stuff about it so we can be of help to our cutomers. It’ll cost ya to upgrade your equipment but I assure you, it will be worth every penny.

    Just thought I’d pass that on since you mentioned W3.



    P.S. Right back at ya. I’m not a geek, I’m a newbie! Love yer blog,Dan!