How To Utilize Your Auto-responder

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How To Utilize Your Auto-responder

Greetings everyone, I hope your November is going well. This week’s newsletter focuses on making the most from your auto-responder (or mailing list) by using follow up emails.

As usual something happened to make me think about this subject in detail. As you may know I run an affiliate program for my Auction SOS software product. An affiliate of mine kindly added an Auction SOS promotion to their follow up sequence earlier this month. Yesterday the affiliate made two sales earning them a respectable $47 – for doing nothing!

This wasn’t a one off promotion, the affiliate added the promotion to their auto-responder series to send out after x number of days. All it takes is a quick email with the affiliate link included and that affiliate is on a nice little earner every month via my program, just for typing out a single email.

Let me quickly take you through how this works from an affiliates point of view, step-by-step:

1. Affiliate set’s up a message sequence using the auto-responder to send out an email promoting product x
2. Affiliate set’s up the auto-responder to send out the email 10 (or whatever you choose) days after the user signs up for the newsletter
3. Affiliate sits back and counts the money every month!

That will take you at most 30 minutes, after 30 minutes work you can be earning a nice income on auto-pilot via your auto-responder! If you already have an auto-responder then why not try and put it to the test, you don’t have to use the Auction SOS affiliate program, find a product that will suit your list and promote it to them via your auto-responder sequence.

Imagine if you get 10 new subscribers every day (which is very manageable), after 10 days each of those subscribers receives the email promoting “product X”. That’s 10 people each day clicking on your affiliate link, all on autopilot.

10 people a day may not sound like a lot but it’s 70 clicks a week, over 300 clicks a month. If your product has an average 2% conversion rate that’s not a bad return for doing no work is it?

Why do you have to stop at promoting one product though? You could send out another offer after another 20 days, then another and another and so on. Each offer making you a nice little income each and every month on autopilot.

Thanks for reading and as always I hope you put the information to good use, let me hear some of your success stories! Remember that you can always leave any comments that you may have about this weeks article, I enjoy reading them – good or bad! (Just try and keep them clean ;-))


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2 Responses to “How To Utilize Your Auto-responder”
  1. Sinita says:

    Great idea, Dan. I use Aweber but not thought of adding anything as follow up – gonna give that a go 😉

  2. Sally Neill says:

    Ok I will sign up and give it a go, heres to many shared profits

    Sally 🙂