How I Made $580 Last Month By Doing Nothing

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The subject for this blog post sounds like one of those delightful spam emails we all receive doesn’t it?

But luckily for you I haven’t changed career paths to become one of the Norths leading Viagra suppliers to hill farmers, they’ll have to wait for their little blue pills, because I’ve found something far more lucrative.


Over the past month (6th Dec – 6th Jan), I’ve made $580 in affiliate commissions from a single product, just by sitting on my backside twiddling my thumbs. I’ve genuinely not done a single thing in the past month to promote the product, no emails, no blog posts, no articles – nothing!

I’ve made these commissions using something I like to call “The Leech Method”. Although to be honest I have a feeling the method may not actually be mine, and I read about it somewhere, so if you are reading this and you are the creator of the “Leech Method”, good for you, it works!

Before I go on, here are the commissions for the “Multi Profit Websites” product for the 1 month period:

I’ve highlighted 2 rebills which came from my initial promo back in November, so I’ve taken them off the total, bringing the total commissions for the month down to around $580.

And here’s how I did it….

It all started back on October 13th with the following blog post:

Multi Profit Websites was due to launch on October 27th, so I created a blog post showing a demo site that I had created using the software and gave an overview of the product. I then emailed you guys to show you it, so I gathered some interest that way, but, and I’ll be honest and say this was the main reason for the post. I knew there was no competition on Google for the phrase “Multi Profit Websites”, so a well written blog post would get me onto the first page in just a few hours. (And it did)

Fast forward to the 21st October, 6 days before the launch of Multi Profit Websites, and I wrote the following post:

It was posted for the same reason as my 1st post, to gather interest in the product, but also to get another link on the 1st page of Google.

That’s the only promotion I did on my blog, so I managed to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, I got you guys interested in the product, and I also got 2 pages on the 1st page of Google. But I wasn’t finished.

You’ll remember in the 1st blog post, I showed a demo site that I’d created using Multi Profit Websites. The site was hosted on the main domain:

I wasn’t the only person who could have taken advantage of this, loads of people had demo sites up on the domain, but very few chose to utilize this.

I knew that if I got a couple of back links to that site, I’d automatically get the number 2 spot on Google, directly under the official site.

So I wrote an article, submitted it to ezinearticles and hey presto:

Finally, I created a quick mini site using the domain

On the mini site I wrote about the product, showed off my demo site, added some related videos and….well, take a look!

So all of these different sites were on the front page of Google at one point. I’ve just taken a quick look and I still occupy the following positions on Google for the search term “Multi profit Websites”:


That’s great, but how do these sites keep making me a commission whilst I plan my move into the Viagra niche?

Multi Profit Websites is a very popular product, and loads of affiliates promote it. So each time an affiliate promotes MPW, they make the product known to a new buyer. A lot of these buyers will research a product before buying, and what do they use to research? GOOGLE!

All I’m doing is leeching off the other affiliates work, I let them do the leg work, and I close the deal by providing the content that the potential buyer is looking for.

And that final point is very important. MPW is a great product, so it’s very easy for me to write about, I have tons of experience using it, so I can put my view across very well on the product. What you shouldn’t do is pick any old product, and simply rewrite the sales page, or fill the pages with any old crap.

Give the potential buyer the information they are looking for. If you are finding it hard to enthuse about the product, then there’s a good chance the product is actually pretty crap, and you don’t really want to have anything to do with a bad product….and as I write this it’s snowing cats and badgers, so I’d best sign off before the power goes!

So that’s everything covered – “The Leech Method”.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, etc, etc, etc.

And if you want a big discount on the normal MPW price, you can get one by going through the following link:

Multi Profit Websites Discount


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