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Choosing a web host is a tricky business, there are so many companies out there all offering you incredible packages, but do you really know what it is they are offering you?

Hosting is a cutthroat business; web hosts are desperate for new customers and will do just about anything to get you onboard. These will include things like offering you a free domain name, bandwidth and disk space upgrades or special deals on shopping carts.

Don’t get sucked in by these deals, make sure that you do your research before you commit to a company. In this article I will show you exactly what to look for before you sign up with a web host.

1. The Price

Most shared hosting packages from the “big” companies will come priced at around $3 – $12 per month. Whilst this may seem very cheap make sure that you read the small print, you will often find that to get the cheapest price you need to sign up to a long contract, usually 2 years. If you want to sign up for a short-term contract then the host may charge you a “set-up fee” or a higher monthly rate. You will notice that I made a point of highlighting the contract lengths and set-up fee’s in my recent Hostmonster review. Make sure you know exactly how much everything is going to cost before you sign up with anyone.

2. The Disk Space and Bandwidth

Don’t be fooled by hosts that claim to give you “unlimited” disk space and “unlimited” bandwidth – there is no such thing! It’s impossible to find a hard drive that doesn’t fill up, the same goes for bandwidth, any host that sells you an unlimited service should be treated with great caution…………

You can read the full article by clicking here, or you can go straight to the Host monster review by clicking here.

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One Response to “Hostmonster Review”
  1. Richard Young says:

    It is correct to look at the small print, especially terms of use. I really liked the look of Host Monster and the 24/7 online chat support is fab. Unfortunately they do not let you have programs for downloads from their servers so if you are a marketeer and wish to sell not only eBooks but software as well this is against their rules and they can close your account if they find out. This was confirmed by their support consultant. In the end I chose a UK host, purely because the Brits are not half as fussy. It was 3 times the price but has a great reseller package. Other US based host sites would have been ok but I wanted the option to add a horse racing tipster service and you can forget that due to the new US laws.