Boomerang List Builder Update Video

Hello everyone,

As promised at the start of the year, I have a upgrade available for my Boomerang List Builder software. All of these features were requested by you, the software user. I’ve created a video showing you the 3 new features. You can view it below.

The upgrade is free to existing customers. New customers will also be pleased to hear that there is NO price increase for this update, so you can still get your hands on the software for only $47!

Click here to check out the Boomerang List Builder.

No time for the video?

Here is a quick overview of the new features:

– Option to disable “Powered By” link

– Option to add a support email address or helpdesk URL

– Option to use a “Master Unlock Code”

– New splash screen design for easier customer use

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10 Responses to “Boomerang List Builder Update Video”
  1. Hi Dan!

    Good to hear you’re keeping busy! LOL! You mention that the upgrade version of the Boomerang Listbuilder is free to existing customers… but (as an existing customer) I can’t find where to download it from. Please help!

    Keep up the good work!

    Susan Owen-Thursfield

  2. Dan (el_passo) says:

    Hi Susan,
    Drop me an email and I’ll sort you out with a new download link.

  3. Monica says:

    Hey Dan,

    I’m interested in getting the update to Boomerang. Please let me know where I can get it as an existing customer.



  4. Dan says:

    Hi Monica,
    Send me an email and I’ll send you the update:

  5. howard says:

    Hi Dan,

    I want to start building my list but I read this, saying that the emails sent out go to the junk/spam folder that most people delete, is this what happens or is he talking crap?

    Below is what I read…

    “The idea behind Boomerang list builder is pretty good that it helps you make your own mailing list to advertise your product. The interface is also well designed and any amateur can use it to it’s full extent. When you provide it with your data that you would like to send it automatically builds a file and sends it. It comes back full of mailing addresses where you can send your product e-mails to. That all sounds good, but I added my address to the list and the email I sent out popped up in my junk folder. Plus this type of advertising is useless nowadays as nearly everyone is computer literate and delete the emails before reading it. Even though it did bring some extra traffic to my site the change was not as much as I would have hoped. After all a 3.5% increase is not that much”.

    I’ve bought software before that didn’t work as described so I’m more carefull nowdays before I buy anything.

    Also is it really step by step and easy to implement?

    Thanks Howard

    • Dan says:

      Hi Howard,
      Whoever wrote that must not have actually used the software – the Boomerang List Builder doesn’t actually send out any mails, it acts as the middle man between the product and the autoresponder.

      When you click on a product to unlock it, you are taken off to the persons opt-in page, and their autoresponder collects the email and sends them out.

      So the BLB has zero effect on if a mail goes to the junk/spam folder, as it’s all down to the autoresponder you are using.

      I use Aweber and the deliverability is pretty much perfect 🙂

      • Jack says:

        Hi Dan,

        I just came across that particular review and had the same sentiment as you. That person obviously hadn’t used your product.

        Here’s the link to the actual review:

        It’s the second review on that page.

        More than likely it’s a fake review.

        At one time, imreportcard paid reviewers to post. So, some people would pretend that they’ve used a product, post a made up review, just so they could get a payout. Imreportcard doesn’t pay anymore, but older reviews are still online.

        – Jack

        • Dan says:

          Hi Jack,
          Yeah, that’s clearly a fake review, the BLB doesn’t even send out mails so the “mails go to spam box” comment doesn’t even make any sense 😀

          I’m not sure if that IM Report Card site is 100% legit to be honest, I noticed that D9 Hosting are on there and there’s a fake review on that as well:

          “The most annoying thing about this service is functionality and reliability. The interface is not all user-friendly it took me 30 minutes before I can understand it. The interface is totally confusing.”

          We use the cPanel, the most widely used hosting control panel out there, that’s known for it’s functionality and usability, yet they says it’s totally confusing so they moved back to Godaddy, and anyone that’s ever used Godaddy knows how awesome their control panels are 😉

  6. howard says:

    Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply

    Just a quick question, Am I right in thinking that I can only wrap products that I own, like an ebook that I’ve writen or plr that I have re-writen etc?

    It has to be mine right?

    Thanks Howard

    • Dan says:

      Hi Howard,
      No, you can wrap any product. As long as you have rights to distribute the product of course, but that’s down to your moral compass – rather than a BLB feature 😉