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Basic HTML

I’m pleased to announce that my very first eBook – Basic HTML has been
upgraded into a brand new Multimedia CD-ROM.

The upgrade was inspired by the eBay policy changes that meant no
down-loadable products could be offered for sale via eBay, so
everyone now has to ship their items on a CD or list them as
classified ad’s. Now a lot of people have decided to just stick an
old eBook onto a CD and send it off, but I thought I’d try
something different!

With a CD, you are no longer confined by large files. In the “old
days” you had to think about file sizes as people would be
downloading the items, and those with slow Internet connections or
bandwidth caps would have problems, but Cd’s ELIMINATE (been
watching too much Gladiators!) these problems.

So I’ve created some brand new videos and made the Basic HTML eBook
a component of a brand new multimedia course, aimed at showing
novices how to build their own websites.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but if you want to take a
look at how I’ve put the CD together, and how I’m handling the
delivery side of things why not take a look at the CD:


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3 Responses to “Basic HTML CD-ROM”
  1. Pat Graham says:

    Dan…I just read your blog about your HTML CD and I was
    very impressed.

    Your timing is right on! I am eyeball deep in designing a
    website for a client, using WYSIWYG software, and will be
    interested in your 7 steps.

    But, what really impressed me was this sentence in your

    “With over 1000 downloads world wide since 2006 it is one
    of the most popular web design ebooks on the world wide

    Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourself. That’s
    quite an achievement and a real testimony about your
    amazing talents and beliefs in providing real value to your subscribers. Great job!

    I have a copy of your original “Basic HTML” ebook…you know,
    the one that is “the most popular…” and look forward to
    getting the CD version. I need it!

    So, congratulations once again. I’m off to visit PayPal now.
    Send my CD to me!


  2. Dawn Kay says:

    Hi Dan

    I really had to write to congratulate you on your new HTML Cd. It looks absolutely fantastic. I’ve just ordered my copy, and can’t wait too get my hands on it. What I like about it is that it contains audio, pdfs and video.

    Any chance of you creating a Cd about how we could all make a quality product like this? I would buy it for sure. I know we can sell it on ebay but are we allowed to sell it on our own websites?



  3. Dan (el_passo) says:

    Hi Dawn,
    If there’s enough demand then I would certainly be happy to make such a CD.

    You can sell my CD on your website, and on eBay. There’s a section in the CD that tells you all about the reselling side of things.