Auction SOS – Ebay Desktop Software is launched!

Finally, after almost 6 months of waiting Auction SOS! is available to the general public.

Today, on August 1st we launched Auction SOS!, don`t miss out on the Action grab your own copy of Auction SOS! today:

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One Response to “Auction SOS – Ebay Desktop Software is launched!”
  1. LINDA says:

    Oh Dan you have really upset me now! Why didn’t you title your email, ‘Are you Stupid?’ I have been registered blind now for 7 years, but being blind (I can see a little) makes me more careful when reading information. Only stupid people overlook details such as those you have highlighted. In fact I reckon there are more stupid people than blind people, just because we have difficulty seeing does not mean we do not try! Only stupid people would believe that they could buy a beloved hard back book for the price of an ebook and have it digitally dispatched.I think I prefer being blind rather than stupid or even thoughtless- my website is taking forever to get staarted but that’s because of my lack of sight not lack of vision.
    Okay you have your rants and that was mine.
    Regards, Linda