At Last – A New Desk!

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Long time readers will know that I liked to have a good old moan about my office desk and chair. You’ll be pleased to know that on Tuesday, my new Desk and Chair finally arrived!

It took 6 hours of flatpack hell, but I eventually got everything up and running and you can see the difference below.

The Old:

Supersize Me!

The New:

Supersize Me!

The new one set up is great, I actually have somewhere to put my legs! 😉

The only downside came when I stepped back to admire the work and tripped over the printer that was still sat on the floor behind me – I had forgot to find somewhere on
the new desk for the printer to live 🙁

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7 Responses to “At Last – A New Desk!”
  1. Lynn Norton says:

    Hi Dan
    Your new desk looks great, but I don’t know how you ever get any work done, I would be gazing out of the window all day.

    Your old desk looks much like my current one, except mine is far more cluttered. But one day, when I’m as successful as you are……. well, I have to dream, don’t I?

  2. Pat Graham says:

    Nice change, Dan…I see the cup of coffee on the new desk…
    don’t tell me it’s tea. I wouldn’t believe it.


  3. Hi Dan

    Nice desk, dont you just love flat pack and the Easy to assemble in just an hour” instructions 🙂

    How long will it stay nice and uncluttered or will be like mine – cant see the desk as such 🙂

    Mind you you seem to have a good view from your window

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  4. Hi Dan

    Looks a real professional setup, I am envious!!
    Suggestion…….Turn the desk 180 degrees to the left….Put the old computer unit on the right of the desk then place the printer on top of it.
    Finally fill that cup with whatever is your tipple and have the added advantage of sitting back and enjoy the benefit of TWO great window views!! Providing that view is not the cow shed!! Mind you as an ex farmer myself I would find a view like that quite useful.

    Best wishes


  5. Allen Farlow says:

    Dan, love the new look! More room to do more!

    Just wanted to say, don’t let anyone vacuum anytime your PC is turned on. It’ll suck in all kinds of dust and carpet particles and screw it up!

    Personally, I’d move the speaker or whatever it is out from under the desk so I’d have room to strecth my legs while sitting there.

    Just a suggestion, but damn, I’m envious! Now I’m gonna be looking at new desks at the computer stores. THANKS A LOT!


  6. Hi Dan

    Correction to above comment……..Only turn the desk 90 degrees otherwise you will probably be facing the door!!



  7. Dan (el_passo) says:

    @ Pat – Coffe in the morning, Tea in the afternoon 😉

    @ Christopher – You’ve put the idea into my head now, I was initially going to put the desk where you said, but the plug is at the other side of the room and at the time I didn’t have an extension cable to hand…..maybe in the new year one of the resolutions will be to swivvle (sp?) the desk round so I get a better view!

    If I were to swivvle the view would be a bit like the shot below, as apoosed to looking directly at a wood!

    @ Allen – Don’t worry, there’s no danger of me hoovering anything, the dust has to become thick enough to walk through before a hoover is allowed to enter 😉

    The problem with the speaker sub-woofer thing is that it has to be in the middle for my surround sound (I’m a bit of a music fan) and there isn’t really any other room for it because it’s so big and clunky! If I decide to turn the desk around I can probably find a new home for it.