A Simple Way To Create Another Income Stream

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A Simple Way To Create Another Income Stream

If you are anything like me you will always be on the look out for a new way to make a bit of extra cash. The hard thing is finding something that is easy to set up and then runs on auto-pilot…so let me present to you:

The Super Income Power Blaster 3000 Pro!

Just kidding…this method doesn’t really need an over-hyped title or even a sales page with shiny graphics. It won’t make you Heather Mills rich, but at least you won’t have to marry an ageing Beatle to make a living! (Apologies if you came to this post via my email notification – I just did the same joke twice)

The method that I am talking about today is the good old fashioned “ezine”

Now you may think that the ezine died out with the dinosaurs but I think you would be wrong. I personally still subscribe to a lot of free ezines for subjects that I find interesting, you won’t be surprised to hear that my interests are the usual dull subjects of web design and coding standards but each to their own!

These ezines are sent out on autopilot every few days. The owner of the ezine makes their money by displaying adverts that are relevant to the content of the ezine. Take one of my ezines for an example; one day I received an informative article on new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards, and half way through the article there was an ad for a free trial of some new SEO software. I downloaded the trial and then purchased the software, which then made the owner of the ezine a commission.

The great thing about these ezines (or at least the ezines I receive) is that the content isn’t actually written by the owner of the ezine. The owner simply sifts through the article directories looking for good, informative articles and then add’s the article to the email/ezine template.

So, what do you need to get started?

1. A subject!

2. You need to decide how you will deliver your ezine – via email or will you send them a web page that contains the article?

3. You’ll need an auto responder like Aweber to send out the automated emails

That’s it!

If you are able to find a good subject that a lot of people are looking for information on you could quickly generate a big base of readers/subscribers. The internet may have changed over the past few years but people still love free, top quality information and in my opinion, there is no better way to distribute this information than through an ezine.

I’d love to hear your own opinions on this, do you subscribe to any ezines? Or maybe you already run an ezine, if so do you have any tips for us ezine newbies?

Until next time,

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12 Responses to “A Simple Way To Create Another Income Stream”
  1. Linda Cummings says:

    You know, Dan, it is nice to know that someone besides me sees that “NEW SIZZLE” isn’t necessary for things that really work.

    I am weeding out the e-zines, newsletters, and editors who fill my inbox with “ad-zine trash”. It’s hard to get on my list of “marketers I WANT to buy from” and very easy to get on my “I don’t want to buy from that person unless no one on my WANT list is selling it” list.

    Thanks for reminding us again that giving good information sells BEST.

  2. eve sanders says:

    Great article…I’ve had an ezine in mind recently……had questions this answered. Thanks…& I’ll be back to get aweber when my sites up. Really great ideas and packed with creative flow. I really value the solid recommedations & free stuff…especially know how 🙂 Thanks, eve

  3. Pat Graham says:

    Quit reading my mind, Dan! I have just started considering ezine creation for a client of mine and dragging my virtual heels because I thought it would be confusing and too difficult.

    Your simple explanation put it in perspective and now, I’ll do something about it. Thank you.

    Pat Graham

  4. Tom Parker says:

    Great article as always Dan. This ezine idea would also be good to use with PLR material wouldn’t it?

  5. Dan (el_passo) says:

    Thanks for the comments all of you, it looks like i’m not the only person thinking about ezines!

    Whilst I was writing the post I had an idea to create an ezine for D9 Hosting customers that contained information that will help with anything website related – SEO, the marketing of the site, technical bumf…basically any decent information I can get my hands on!

    It would be a great free resource for the customers to have, and it would make a little bit in advertising revenue for us, win win all round as far as I can see.

    @ Tom – Yes, using PLR material as ezine content would be a great way to put to use that PLR you have sitting on your hard drive!

    @ Pat – I think once you have a template set up, ie: knowing where abouts on the page the content and ad’s will go it’s just a case of copy/pasting each article into the template.

  6. Harry Deitch says:

    Mr. Thompson, yes I can agree with your latest blog, because, as a long time beginner, I have now (at last), decided which way I am going to create and set-up my IM business. It will start with “Blogs”, and then good relevant articles, affiliate products (on my website, which I am re-doing), some video and later some audio ebooks etc.
    Wherever I read, I am advised to get my articles (through my blogs),connected to the varioud article directories, and EZINE dierectories, because of the massive amount of people who need ‘Information’.
    Woulsd you do me a favour and give me the right direction to go to ,to learn how to really set-up and use WordPress blogs?
    Thankyou. Regards Harry Deitch (Sydney, Australia>).

  7. Diana says:

    Hey Dan,
    Great article and equally great advice. But I have to say, as a 60’s “chick” I wouldn’t really mind marrying that aging Beatle!

  8. Amit says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for new Idea… but pls give detail info about using ezines to make money

  9. Dan (el_passo) says:

    @ Harry – thre isn’t really much to a WP blog, you just install (takes less than 5 mins) and start typing!

    You then need to find a theme you like, and I’ll warn you that it will take you ages to find a theme, there are so many out there. An obvious, but great place to start is the wordpress site, it contains everything you need to get started:


    @ Diana – Wouldn’t you have preferred one of the talanted ones though? 😉

  10. John Reed says:

    Hi Dan,
    I must admit I hadn’t read your Blog for a good while, and I’m really feeling a bit daft anyway after realising this morning that I also didn’t use that excellent Boomerang List Builder program of yours!! Sorry, my loss not yours! I just re-read the sales page and have stuck a header from it on my wall to remind me to learn HOW to use it – looks simple and very effective!!
    Now – Ezines: I receive and read a few, and ditch even more as hype or guff. Too many are just self-serving crap, pardon my “french”.
    I think the two newsletters I enjoy most are both UK based – Charlie Wright’s Biz Op Jungle (his “Inbox Tycoon” product is just the job for anyone wanting a guide to getting into Ezine production) and the regular updates I get from Jonathan Street (The Internet Detective). I have to say that I’d be a year further on with my internet life if I’d used what Jonathan Street tried to teach me a year ago instead of thinking “What does a young lad like him know? – I’d better check out the REST of the world first!”. Time and time again I have seen hyped up products sell like crazy and I’ve then found that they repeated many of the lessons I should have learned from Jonathan. Even his simple teachings on Blogging passed me by until a few weeks ago when I finally got my “Diary of a Yorkshire Tart” started. I couldn’t believe it was so easy to begin!! It will be linked to my new Shop Web Site when I get that up and running – don’t worry, the tales belong to fragrant wax Yankee Candle Tarts – which we sell in huge numbers at our Candle Shop!!
    ( http://www.fragrant-tarts-galore.blogspot.com )
    Yes, you’ve all guessed it, I’m slightly batty – getting old, forget what I’ve downloaded and still get carried away with Newbie fervour looking at all the exciting things going on around the Web. Now, just as I have a Web Site under construction to link to selling EBooks on EBay (using my Everest of PLR) they’ve gone and banned digital products………….
    So, Ezines here I come, I enjoy writing and I think I’ll give that a try whilst John Thornhill and others better equipped than me have a go at working out the best way forward now that digital EBooks from EBay are history!!!
    Thanks Dan, this time I’ll be back after a much shorter time, you’ve rekindled my enthusiasm and direction – now where’s that Boomerang gone?
    John Reed, York, UK

  11. Dan (el_passo) says:

    I wish you all the best for your new blog John, the name is great 🙂

  12. Derek says:


    I just found this

    “es, it’s true. The following is a quote from Ebay.com;

    Digital goods are often reproduced at little to no cost to the seller. On eBay, this creates the potential for Feedback Manipulation (both real and perceived). To preserve the integrity of the Feedback system, effective March 31 all goods that can be digitally downloaded or transferred electronically must be listed using the Classified Ads format. Using the Classified Ads format, sellers receive a 30-day ad at a fixed price. This solution enables sellers to continue to market their digital goods on eBay; however, because Classified Ad listings are a lead generation
    tool and do not result in transactions that go through eBay, Feedback cannot be exchanged between buyer and seller.

    Sellers who wish to continue to offer digital goods can do so by selecting the “Everything Else Information Products” category in the “Sell Your Item” form and choosing the “Classified Ads” format (not auction-style or fixed price). “