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I’ve had a few problems over the past 7 days or so, it all started going wrong on Friday when “exhibits a” did their best to make “exhibits b” worthless.

Boo Hiss Boo
As such, “exhibits a” are now banned from reading the blog, unless they can redeem themselves in the 5th test, and if you don’t think that will mean anything to them, I can assure you that Ian Bell is a huge fan of this blog!

Anyway, with England’s failings at the cricket, it meant no trip to Headingley yesterday which scuppered all of my plans, not only that, but I had 2 new products to tell you about all on the same day which again, isn’t good.

It’s always a bad feeling when you have 2 things to promote at once, as no matter what you do you are always going to feel a bit crap for letting one of them down. So rather than let them both down, and without needing to bombard you with emails I’m going to cover both items in this blog.

I’m also going to chat about a few other things that don’t really warrant their own blog post, but should prove to be interesting none the less. So what can we start on….

My new Product

First of all I’m going to ask your your opinion of a new product of mine that I’ll be bringing out at some point in the future – yes, your eyes don’t deceive you, after over 2 years I’m going to have another product coming onto the market!

It’s going to consist of 2 parts – a free eBook, and a training course. Here’s what I was thinking of doing for the “sales page”:

I've finally lost it

What do you think?

And if you are considering nicking the design, please take a look at this kitten before you do anything:


I also need a name for the free eBook, I’ve narrowed it down to 2, so if you can leave a comment telling me which of the 2 names you prefer that would be great. The 2 options are:

“1 Webpage = $20,000”

“2,365 Words = $20,000”

There’s no ETA for the new product, the free eBook is 95% finished so I’m onto the training course part now. Hopefully it won’t be too long but I will of course keep you updating on any progress.

JV Auction Profits

This is the first product I was asked to promote this week, it’s from John Thornhill and costs a measly $10.

What’s interesting about this product, is not just the great content it contains on getting JV partners via eBay, but he’s actually used it as a really clever way to build up anticipation for another new product that will be launching very soon.

What I’d suggest you’d do is check it out (only $10!) and then watch the marketing take hold in the coming days/weeks, I won’t say too much but you will learn a hell of a lot from him!

Click Here To Check Out JV Auction Profits!

I literally just got the link through to John’s new product I mention, if you want to be one of the first to check it out click here….but be quick or you may miss the free video.

Fantasy Football – Win A FREE Domain Name!

Each year D9 Hosting (which is run by myself and Paula Brett) run a Fantasy Football competition, this year we are also giving a free domain name to whoever comes top of the D9 League. It’s free, and is done for a bit of fun, anyone can join, you don’t have to be a D9 Hosting customer, or even a football lover. Just pick a team and get in on the action, here’s the full details if you fancy taking up the challenge 🙂

“D9 Hosting is pleased to announce that 2nd season of our Fantasy Football (Soccer!) competition is up and running in preparation for the start of the new Premier League Season.

Each year we invite all customers, friends, relatives, cats, dogs, goldfish, etc. to come join our Fantasty Football league. It’s free to play, and the winner of the D9 League will be rewarded with a FREE domain name – so that should give you an extra incentive to do well 🙂

If you haven’t a clue what we are talking about, Fantasy Football lets you select a “Fantasty” team made up of any premiership players from any teams, you have to pick the best team you think, whilst remaining within the budget.

Each week when games are played, the players in your team will earn points for doing well – Scoring goals, keeping clean sheets, etc. but they’ll also lose points if they have a bad game, so you need to try and get the balance right!

You can create your team here:


And once you’ve found that magic formula, click on “Leagues” > “Join League” and enter the following code:


You’ll then be added to the D9 League where you can compete against the others, who will win the free domain name? Only time will tell 🙂

We’ll see you on the pitch!

Kind Regards,
Dan & Paula – D9 Hosting

P.S. Even if you know nothing about football it’s well worth joining, it’s a bit of light hearted fun and who knows, you may get lucky with your team selection and end up top of the league!

P.P.S. The D9 League is open to anyone, so if you have any friends or family members you think would enjoy the league (and a free domain!) please feel free to share the details with them. “

Guru Bypass

This is the 2nd product I was asked to promote recently.

It’s the brainchild (Is that a word?) of Anton Lomax, Anton has been dabbling in and out of the Internet Marketing world for as long as I can remember, he had been quiet for a while up until a few months ago when he made a post on a popular Marketing Forum, talking about how he stumbled upon a dead simple way to make money from Brandable eBooks.

His mailing list of just 600 people had brought back $400 in income for him, which I can assure you is a lot harder than it sounds! Knowing he was onto something, Anton knew he could make even more money by creating an eBook showing others just how easy it is to achieve using his system.

The problem was that Anton had no idea how to bring the product to market, so he got in touch with another forum member – Randy Smith, who helped Anton to create the report, sales page, and bring the product to market.

Fast forward to today, and “Guru Bypass” is currently on the market in it’s pre-launch phase. I believe the pre-launch phase will end on August 15th, so if you want to get in on the pre-launch price (Normal price is $47) you need to go to the site on or before the 15th August, and use the following:

Coupon Code: pre27

Click Here To Check Out Guru Bypass

Some Really Cool Free Software

I actually discovered this software by accident, but it’s an amazing bit of kit. It’s called “Notepad ++” and is basically a super charged version of Windows Notepad that comes with all Windows PC’s.

Notepad ++ doesn’t just have all of the features of the regular notepad (is there anything Notepad can’t open!?!) but goes way further. I won’t bore you with the details, but would advise you to have a look and give it a download. It’s 100% free, and by free I don’t mean “marketing free” where you have to enter an email address and go through a billion offers before getting the download, it’s a 100% free direct download!

Click Here To Check Out Notepad ++

And that brings to an and my random mumblings! I think it must be one of my worst structured blog posts ever, but can you imagine if posted each mumbling as a standalone email/blog post – I’d have bored you to tears 🙂

As always thanks for reading and let me know if you have any comments – especially on the naming of my new product!


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