1st Choice Web Host Review – www.1stchoicewebhost.co.uk

People are always asking me who I host all of my sites with, to save me typing out the same email over and over again I am going to be reviewing all of the web hosts that I use!

The 1st host I will be reviewing is 1st Choice Webhost, they are a UK host based in London and are run by a friend of mine called Derek Chambers.

I run 7 alot of my sites, including El Passo Books on 2 of 1st Choice`s 4 servers.

I have been using 1st choice since 2005 and apart from 1 major server problem in the summer of 2005 I have had no noticeable downtime and all of my sites have remained online. This is vital as I run my EW Business Portal delivery script on there, this script needs to be run on a reliable server as it manages all of my e-Book sales via eBay and my website.

The hosting packages come with all of the added extras you are every likely to need including loads of free scripts including blogs, forums, CMS and Ecommerce systems plus many more.

The prices and packages are very realistic and you know exactly what you are getting, there are no hidden T&C`s that will come back to haunt you! Best of all there are no setup charges and all subscriptions are handled by paypal and there are no contracts.

Support is via Phone (a UK phone number where you speak to a person and not a switchboard!) or via the online ticket based system. You can also contact Derek via MSN messenger which I find very helpful if I ever have any questions.

The only negative I can think of is that your accounts are manually set up to prevent abuse. This means that after you have subscribed it could take upto 48 hours for your account to be created, this will vary depending on how busy they are.

Overall I can`t fault 1st choice for the price or service, I have had no problems with them since 2005 and host most of my websites with them. If you are willing to wait a couple of days for your account to be set up then go for 1st choice, you shouldn`t have any problems.

So there`s my review of 1st Choice – www.1stchoicewebhost.co.uk

Now, what`s the overall score I hear you cry, well here is my little system for scoring web hosts:

Price: 8/10
Reliability: 9/10
Support: 8/10
Fetaures: 10/10

Overall: 35/40

P.S. Did I show you the special package put together for my readers? – http://www.1stchoicewebhost.co.uk/elpasso.htm

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