The Ten Thousand Dollar Auction Is Back!

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Greetings again everyone, I didn`t expect to be making another entry this soon but I thought you would be interested to hear the news!

John Thornhill (Planetsms), creator of the famous “Ten Thousand Dollar Auction” e-Book has just informed me that he has now granted resale rights to this fantastic e-Book. He won`t be promoting this to his own mailing list for at least another 48 hours, so now is your chance to jump on the bandwagon.

In a few weeks eBay will no doubt be flooded with the e-Book so I thought I would let you know about it ASAP so you can cash in 🙂

I`m sure a lot of you already own the e-Book, so if you do, what are you waiting for? – GET SELLING!!

If you aren`t one of the lucky owners yet I have set up a quick payment page where you can purchase the item with resale rights for just $10:

Also whilst I have your attention, how would you like an article on identifying spoof emails for my next newsletter? As always please leave me any comments or suggestions.

Until next time,

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