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This page is for you to leave a testimonial or comment about any of our services that you have used in the past.

These also include the PlanetSMS websites created in conjunction with Steve @ Divinity Design. Steve creates all of the graphics for the Planet SMS websites, if you would like ANY graphic work doing don’t hesitate to contact me and I will send you his details – I am sure you will love his work!

Incidently, if you would like your own e-Book website and have yet to take advantage of the PlanetSMS special for El Passo customers then you can do so below:

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If you would like to leave a comment on our services please do so below – it’s also a great way to plug your websites!


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113 Responses to “Testimonials”
  1. Hi Dan.
    You did a fantistic job building my site. I appreciate all your effort.

    If you need a site built, this is the gentleman to go to.

    Take care Dan and thanks again.


  2. I highly recomend everybody not to spend a minutes of their time doing the job that Dan at Divinity-Planet does so well, eficiently and quickly.

    We just exchanged three email and everything was done.
    Absolutely Great !

    I loved it. Thank you very much indeed.

  3. John says:

    Thanks a ton. I spent several weeks trying to wallow through my own desire to put together my website. Finally I caved in and am glad I did. You had a great turnaround time and were very helpful. The website looks fantastic! I can now stop the wallowing and get started!

    Thanks again,


  4. Tom Syme says:


    Thanks a million for the great service, All done in quick time.
    Now i can get started, and earn some cash.

    Thnaks Again


  5. Kay says:

    Thank you for doing a great job building my site for me. The sevice was excellent and I can’t believe how quickly it was done.

    I reccommend Divinity-planet to anyone who is just starting out like me .

    Will definitely do business again.


  6. Mike Welton says:

    Hi Dan, many thanks for setting up such a great looking website and in the 2 days you promised.
    You answered my questions quickly and in terms I could easily understand. I will be recommending you to to every one I know and of course you are to be found on my site.
    Thanks once again.


  7. john walsh says:

    a website delivered in 2 days utterly brilliant
    i cannot thank you enough really professional service
    i look forward to doing more business with you soon

  8. dan, i am more than delighted with the service that you and your team give at divinity. you are absolutely 100% genuine in your service and business dealings, i will certainly be doing more business with you.
    many, many thanks.

  9. eve says:

    Tight…to kool for words! Thanks Dan (& divinity team)… you guys are amazing! Super talented… thanks for delivering a BEAUTIFUL site…and it’s so much nicer than I expected…(& I expected a lot 🙂 Also: All your technical help..is exactly what I really needed & just THANK YOU…for putting it all together soooo PERFECT. Best $ I’ve spent on anything! It’s a bargain.
    *‹(•¿•)›* Fast delivery, more than promised, thank you very much! *‹(•¿•)›*

  10. Richard says:

    Many thanks for a speedy and professional set up service.I will definitely be using your services again in the future.Thanks.



  11. Gregory says:

    I’d highly recommend Divinity Design websites they are the best for the price I payed I am very satisfied. thanx

  12. Charles says:

    Many thanks Dan

    Excellent Job done. Excellent service and a seamless operation to getting the website up and running.

  13. Hi Dan
    Just submitted a support ticket to d9, got myself into a pickle uploading a new salespage, anyway, reply (not automated) received 39 seconds later!!
    Problem sorted.
    Need I say more!
    Kind regards
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