Profit from Amazon “aStores”

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Profit from Amazon “aStores”

Hello and welcome to this week’s newsletter. This week I am taking a change in direction, I will be looking at how you can both profit and save money by using an Amazon “aStore”. You don’t need a website with loads of traffic or some huge hosting package!

Let me give you some quick background information about Amazon’s new “aStore” tool for Amazon associates.

The Amazon astore allows associates of Amazon to run their very own web store with your own custom shopping cart without directing users over to the main Amazon site. This allows you to run your own independent online store without paying for stock or hosting fees. (Everything is hosted and managed by Amazon)

You get just over 5% commission from Amazon for all sales that you make from your astore. This rate will increase depending on how many items you manage to sell.

Setting up your own Amazon aStore couldn’t be easier; everything is managed via a web based control panel. You can fully customize your store with the items you want to display; this is very useful if you want to create a store that is targeted at a specific market. You can also define all the colours and layouts of your store.

This week I have created two of my own aStores, one for and one for At present you can only create one astore for one affiliate account but Amazon have a new feature planned that will allow you to create multiple aStores in the future from the one affiliate account.

Take a look at my two aStores, one is aimed at Children and the other is a computer games store:

El Passo Kids (I can see a new brand coming…)

El Passo Videogame Shop:

Both are made using the same method, but I have put the Videogame store in an iframe so that it opens within my website, rather than as a standalone page.

As I said before, you don’t need to have your own website or hosting package to open up your own Amazon aStore. You could open your own store and simply promote it in your email signature or via relevant Internet forums.

I know a lot of you sell e-Books, so why not offer hardback versions of related books to your e-Book customers. All it would take is a simple line in a winning bidder email saying something along the lines of:

“Thank you for purchasing an E-Book. You may also like these related products….”

And direct them to your Amazon astore.

Maybe you have a site on crafts and hobbies. Why not increase your revenue by creating an aStore full of craft and hobbies products?

The possibilities are endless; those were just a couple off the top of my head. If you would like to share your ideas feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post.

Setting up your own aStore is simple, just sign up as an Amazon associate (it’s free!) and click on the big aStores link in your affiliate control panel. Sign up links are below:

Amazon UK Associate Sign Up:

Amazon USA Associate Sign Up:

Hopefully this week’s newsletter will help you bring in a new dimension to your online ventures! If you set up your own aStore feel free to leave your URL in the comments section – I don’t mind giving you a quick plug and a back link!

I hope you enjoyed the newsletter, as always feel free to leave me any comments!


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