How To Save £30

Yesterday I wasted £30 – around $60 for my readers across ‘t pond.

Here’s what happened.

As you know, I run D9 Hosting with my business partner. The way we handle phones calls is to use an 0845 local rate number, and then the message is delivered to us via email, we then listen to the message and call back the caller using our own D9 Hosting skype account.

Yesterday morning we got a call, so I proceeded to call the client.

To my horror there was no sound coming from my headset, so the caller could hear me, but I couldn’t hear them, so I had no option but to hang up!

I tried messing around with all of my volume and sound card settings but no matter what I tried I couldn’t get any volume through the headset.

So I headed off to Amazon and purchased a brand new headset for £30.

A couple of hours later I was about to throw out the old headphones, but as an after thought I decided to plug them into the lap-top just to double check they were broken. To my surprise they worked perfectly!!

So back to the main computer I went, but this time instead of plugging in the headphones via the USB adapter I used the jacks (is that the correct term?) and they worked – turns out it was a Windows update that did something that the USB adapter didn’t like.

So I’ve now got a new headset on the way, even though my old one’s work fine now.

So there you have a nice random blog post, now back to work 🙂

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