Horton Gala 2007 Pictures

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Here are some pictures I took at the Horton Gala 2007, it took place on the 2nd June. Apologies for the smallish pic size but I am tyring to keep the page loading times to a minimum!

Two men wondering if they had got the wrong day:

It’s ok, two cars have now arrived. One containing an oversized umberella:

Spot the traditional coconut shy and ice cream van:

The big hill (Penyghent) that the fell runners will be running up:

A woman dressed as a yellow duck, desperately looking for some water:

A fancy dress parade, where parents get to dress kid’s up in decorated prams and boxes:

Why you should never wash your hair using Hortons water supply:

Duck woman still in search of some water:

A bird of prey sat on a roof:

Same as above but including man with comb-over:

I have no idea what I was trying to take a picture of:

A woman dressed in tin cans and plastic bags…..it takes all sorts:

A vuture flying towards a man with a very hairy back:

The vulture contenplating the next move:

The vulture goes in for the kill, possibly needs some hair for its nest:

Another bird, possibly an eagle?

Fell runners about to set off:

And there they go:

And a bit more:

And the stragglers at the back:

Some strange creatures: (The ones in the pen)

They are called “Alpacas”

I may have the spelling totally wrong, they look like Lamas…


Duck woman still looking for water, she’ll find nothing in there apart from tasty cakes and soft drinks:

That brings to an end my pictures. I have been told that the duck woman did eventually find some water.

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