A Real Success Story

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Omar Martin

You’ll probably remember that around 16 weeks ago, John “PlanetSMS” Thornhill launched his own personal coaching program, the number of places was strictly limited and the price tag was into hundreds of dollars. I know from some feedback I’ve received that a lot of you were unsure about joining up as you didn’t know quite what to expect.

Well, with around 2 weeks left to go, John’s students are coming to the end of the course and they are starting to produce their own quality products.

I don’t know this through (thru for the Americans amongst us!) some “insider information”, I know this because I got an email a couple of weeks ago from one of John’s students who is also a member of my mailing list and an avid newsletter reader – Omar Martin. Omar asked if I’d be interested in helping him out with his very first product launch, without hesitation I agreed.

Now I don’t need to give you any type of hard sell here, why not?

Because Omar is one of the nicest guys you will find online!

Not only is he a great person, he also has vast experience when it comes to sales. With over 8 years of offline sales experience, working as a sales trainer and manager, Omar decided to try his hand at internet marketing. He didn’t really know where to start so he took the plunge and joined John’s coaching program.

With John’s help, Omar has brought all of his offline knowledge together and used it to create his very own product – “High Performance Sale Secrets“.

Not only does Omar provide you with a brilliant written guide to capturing the sale, he also provides you with “real” videos – not camtasia screen recordings but “real” videos with Omar showing you on his white-board exactly what you need to do to make sure you turn a visitor into a buyer.

That’s all I need to say about the product, I’m not bluffing when I say that the quality provided really does sell itself, I love it when something like this comes along, it makes me realize that there are still genuine people out there, willing to share their knowledge for practically nothing…

Yeah, I said practically nothing!

What would you expect to pay for a product that provides you with a huge written guide, and loads of video guides thrown in for good measure? You are probably thinking it’s going to be one of those “special” offers where the $197 price has been lowered to $97 for A LIMITED TIME ONLY” (yeah, right!)

Sorry to disappoint, but Omar is delivering incredible value by selling it all, the videos, the guide, the bonuses for only $37! So what are you waiting for?


As I said right at the start of the email, Omar really is one of the “good guys” and I had no reservations about helping him out with his very first product launch. So please, if you do have a spare 5 minutes do head on over and take a look at what Omar is offering.

It’s a great example of how any newbie can break into the world of Internet marketing, a real success story if you’ll excuse the cheesy pun 🙂



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