2007 Free Easter JV Giveaway is Live

Posted In: Free E-Books 

This year promises to be bigger and better than last time with
thousands of free products to be downloaded, the doors have just
opened and will close again at the end of April so you will need
to be quick.


My advice would be to set up a new email account with either hotmail
or gmail and then download as many gifts as you can throughout the

The site will be incredibly busy for the next few days so you may
need to copy/paste the link into your browsers address bar if it
doesn’t load first time.


Also, one quick tip from me. Last year I downloaded so much software
that I lost most of it on my PC, make sure you keep each item that
you download in it’s own individual folder so you don’t lose it!

Everything is 100% free of charge so you have nothing to lose.

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